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Two stars of Aus­tralia’s lat­est rom- com could fol­low their new drink­ing buddy to Hol­ly­wood, writes Neala John­son

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JOHNNY Depp painted the Mad Hat­ter to find his per­son­al­ity be­fore shoot­ing Alice in Won­der­land. Adrien Brody slept in the jun­gle to get into the right headspace for Preda­tors.

Sarah Snook, Ryan Corr and Ryan Kwan­ten got re­ally drunk to pre­pare for Not Suit­able for Chil­dren.

‘‘ You guys had some weird Astro Boy thing go­ing on!’’ says Snook, giv­ing Corr a whack on the arm.

‘‘ Oh I’d for­got­ten about that, that was like our se­cret hand­shake. We went ‘ Fwooooosssssh’,’’ Corr stiff­ens into the shape of a rocket lift­ing off. ‘‘ It was to­tally Astro Boy!’’ With Kwan­ten stuck in the US shoot­ing the fifth se­ries of True Blood, the show that made him an in­ter­na­tional star, it’s left to ris­ing tal­ent Snook and Packed to the Rafters’ goof­ball Corr to re­call their boozy bond­ing ad­ven­tures.

‘‘ It was pretty or­ganic, it wasn’t forced bond­ing,’’ con­tin­ues Corr.

‘‘ We had a big night in [ Sydney sub­urb] New­town a bi­i­iig night in New­town where a lot of the film is set. I had to pick up my car the next day from New­town and I think Ryan did, too. It was great be­cause it’s the chem­istry and dy­namic you can’t act, it just has to be there.’’

Snook and Corr could soon fol­low in Kwan­ten’s foot­steps, join­ing the wave of Aussies tak­ing on Hol­ly­wood.

Snook, 25, has al­ready come tan­ta­lis­ingly close, test­ing op­po­site Daniel Craig for The Girl with the Dragon Tat­too be­fore di­rec­tor David Fincher set­tled on Rooney Mara as his Girl.

‘‘ I was a bit out of it, I didn’t know what was go­ing on,’’ Snook says of shoot­ing screen tests with Fincher call­ing the shots.

‘‘ There were prob­a­bly about 30 other peo­ple in the room, but he had the cam­era on his shoul­der and was talk­ing to me, so I was not aware that there was any­one else there at all.’’

She re­turned to the US this year to shoot hor­ror film Jess­abelle in North Carolina. She mas­tered a south­ern drawl and ‘‘ tried to do as many of my own stunts as pos­si­ble jump­ing in the bayou and pre­tend­ing to drown or be­ing dumped in slime and wrestling a ghost in the bath­room’’.

It was a big cul­ture shock. Some­one would try to carry my um­brella and I’m like, ‘ Just let me use my own hand!’

– Sarah Snook

‘‘ The girl who was play­ing the ghost had a tube to spray slime all over my face,’’ she says. ‘‘ They’re like, ‘ On the count of three, scream!’ And she would go, ‘ Aaargh!’ and slime would go all over my face.’’

Ac­cus­tomed to Aussie pro­duc­tions where ev­ery­one mucks in, Snook found the rev­er­ence to­wards ac­tors on a US movie set ‘‘ in­cred­i­bly dis­con­cert­ing’’.

‘‘ It was a big cul­ture shock. Some­one would try to carry my um­brella and I’m like, ‘ Just let me use my own hand!’ There are things I like about both [ the Aus­tralian and US in­dus­tries], but def­i­nitely I’d like to carry my own um­brella.’’

Corr, 23, is a NIDA grad­u­ate and re­cip­i­ent of the Heath Ledger Schol­ar­ship.

His pro­file has boomed since join­ing TV’s Packed to the Rafters in 2010.

‘‘ Amongst the mums and tradies, I’m do­ing Top Gun,’’ he jokes. ‘‘ There’s a cer­tain fa­mil­iar­ity, most of the time it’s re­ally sup­port­ive, but some­times you get your nuffies and your odd­balls.’’

Af­ter wrapping the Rafters lat­est sea­son, he’s now re­hears­ing with Jac­que­line McKen­zie for Sydney The­atre Com­pany’s pro­duc­tion of Sex with Strangers.

Not Suit­able for Chil­dren was the first real fea­ture film for Corr and Snook.

They play house­mates to Kwan­ten’s char­ac­ter, Jonah, who is di­ag­nosed with tes­tic­u­lar can­cer and told he won’t be able to fa­ther chil­dren. With three weeks un­til the big chop, he goes on a mis­sion to sow his wild oats.

‘‘ It was def­i­nitely a big learn­ing curve,’’ Snook says. ‘‘ I did the ABC tele­movie Sis­ters of War but the ro­man­tic lead is a dif­fer­ent re­spon­si­bil­ity than stand­ing at the front go­ing, ‘ I’m heroic! Be brave!’ ’’

For Corr, it was about ad­just­ing to the slower pace of a fea­ture shoot.

‘‘ I was step­ping out of tele­vi­sion, where you’re shoot­ing 12 scenes a day and whether you like it or not, those are go­ing to be on air. So I’d walk into scenes, stand there and de­liver the line. The di­rec­tor was like, ‘ You know you can walk over there or de­liver the line over your shoul­der.’’

Corr says the func­tion of his char­ac­ter, Gus, was ‘‘ to be com­pletely ig­no­rant. But he does have a lot of witty one- lin­ers and that’s al­ways fun’’.

Mean­while, Kwan­ten has laid praise on Snook’s comedic abil­i­ties, say­ing: ‘‘ She has ex­quis­ite tim­ing.’’

Snook says it wasn’t a tal­ent she knew she had be­fore Not Suit­able for Chil­dren.

‘‘ Peo­ple have told me I’m funny and I go ‘ Pffffffft’. I don’t ex­actly think I’m quick- wit­ted.’’ NOT SUIT­ABLE FOR CHIL­DREN, Now show­ing State Cinema

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