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JESSE Tyler Fer­gu­son was eight when he de­cided he wanted to be an ac­tor, but the Mon­tana- born star did not find fame un­til scor­ing the role of gay dad Mitchell Pritch­ett in Mod­ern Fam­ily. Q: Why did it take so long for the kiss ( be­tween Mitchell and part­ner Cameron) in the show? A: It was not some­thing we were try­ing to not do. It just had never nat­u­rally come into a sto­ry­line. We love that the fans were so ex­cited to see that hap­pen, but it hap­pened at the right time and I think in a sto­ry­line that was fan­tas­tic and spe­cial. Q: Can you talk about the episode where we meet Cam’s mum, Celia We­ston? A: It’s nice to fill in that blank. It was a risky way to bring her in, be­cause she was the in­ap­pro­pri­ate mother. It was a sto­ry­line [ in­spired by] one of our writ­ers and his part­ner. They are friends of mine, they live in my neigh­bour­hood. She [ the mother of one of Fer­gu­son’s friends] is very af­fec­tion­ate. She would give a lot of open- mouth kisses. Q: Is there any­thing that has been stolen from your life that has been added to the show? A: Oh, yeah, lots. I had to come out to my fa­ther three times. They put that in the script. And my dad used to make T- shirts for us kids. He would paint T- shirts and Jay [ screen dad played by Ed O’Neill] makes these T- shirts. Q: How do you con­nect to your dad af­ter three times? Does he be­lieve you now? A: You have to ask him. He’s got it now. I think it is pretty clear. Q: One of the suc­cesses of the show is that the cou­ples in the fam­ily feel real. A: Ob­vi­ously Eric and I have a great com­fort around one an­other. We did do a chem­istry read at the very be­gin­ning. It was never any­thing we had to work to­wards. Q: What pub­lic feed­back have you had? Any­thing weird? A: It’s been re­mark­ably pos­i­tive, which is scary. We are wait­ing for the other shoe to drop. Q: Do peo­ple stop you in the street? A: I have be­come very used to pos­ing for pic­tures, be­come used to tak­ing the cam­era it’s just faster be­cause they [ fans] are fum­bling and ner­vous. So you just do it your­self. So this girl comes run­ning across the street in New York [ and says], ‘‘ Would you mind tak­ing a pic­ture?’’ I’m think­ing I’ve got this down, just click it. Then she says, ‘‘ No, me, in front of this build­ing’’. Ap­par­ently I was out­side the ex­te­rior lo­ca­tion of Carrie Brad­shaw’s Sex and the City build­ing. So I did take the pic­ture, but I cut her head off. MOD­ERN FAM­ILY, TDT, Thurs­day, 8pm

SU­PER STAR­DOM: Jesse Tyler Fer­gu­son, left, with his Mod­ern Fam­ily hus­band Eric Ston­estreet.

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