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HOW dif­fi­cult can it be, re­ally? Com­mand a hand­ful of ele­men­tal pow­ers as an almighty de­ity and then pre­pare to pun­ish all those who op­pose your rule.

That’s the essence of Ba­bel Ris­ing, a re­fresh­ing take on the clas­sic tower de­fence gam­ing genre.

In Ba­bel Ris­ing, your god- like pow­ers al­low you to use earth, fire, wind, wa­ter and more to pre­vent waves of hu­mans from build­ing the tower of Ba­bel.

So in ef­fect it’s the op­po­site of what is typ­i­cally re­quired of play­ers in a tower de­fence game, where your aim is to con­struct the strongholds.

Us­ing the var­i­ous pow­ers at your dis­posal, you can strike the help­less Baby­lo­ni­ans down with bolts of light­ning, earth­quakes, or drown them with a gi­ant flood. But you must man­age these ele­men­tal re­sources for them to be most ef­fec­tive.

The game be­gins pre­dictably easy in the early lev­els where the hu­mans all move in sin­gle file and only a few at a time, in an at­tempt to build their tower.

As you progress fur­ther into the game the dif­fi­culty level quickly ramps up as hu­mans start ap­pear­ing from all sides of the tower, re­quir­ing you to con­stantly be on the look­out for where they will start build­ing.

Your ele­men­tal pow­ers are also avail­able in lim­ited sup­ply, so they must be used wisely.

The game’s mul­ti­player modes are the most en­joy­able. You can have a friend help you take down the pop­u­la­tion of per­sis­tent builders or you can com­pete against each other.

One en­joy­able as­pect of Ba­bel Ris­ing is the Xbox Kinect sup­port. It’s one of the few games that proved eas­ier to flap my arms around to con­trol the ac­tion, than us­ing a tra­di­tional game con­troller. It was sim­ply more fun, too.

Like most tower de­fence games the game­play is lim­ited so, be­sides the oc­ca­sional change of scenery and un­ex­pected ob­jec­tives that pop up,

Ba­bel Ris­ing mainly suf­fers from the clas­sic rinse and re­peat for­mula.

If you play in bite- size ses­sions, it will aptly fill those mo­ments when you have a few min­utes to kill.


$ 14 ( Re­viewed on Xbox 360)

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