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SOME bands will never ever quit.

Nine records and 20- odd years into their ca­reer, Cal­i­for­nian skater punk band The Off­spring is still churn­ing out ex­actly what they’ve al­ways churned. It’s good news for fans of their schtick.

Di­vid­ing by Zero is worth the price of ad­mis­sion alone. The gui­tar riff­ing is so fast it veers to­wards thrash metal speeds, ab­so­lutely blis­ter­ing.

This is proper, fu­ri­ous punk rock; fuzzy and shredding in all the right places.

Slim Pick­ens Does the Right Thing And Rides the Bomb to Hell may have a stupid ti­tle but it’s an­other high­light that clenches its fist and swings with full force. It’s a clas­sic, shouty Off­spring an­them.

Open­ing num­ber The Fu­ture Is Now kicks in the door with full throt­tle punk at­ti­tude and hooks ga­lore. This all sounds pretty great, right? It might be telling one of the al­bum’s best songs is a re- record­ing of an angsty tune from their ’ 92 record Ig­ni­tion.

Times were sim­pler then, the band mem­bers were young, des­per­ate and fear­less. They were an­gry. And that kind of sweaty emo­tion is im­pos­si­ble to fake.

Dirty Magic still sounds great to­day with its Tyson- like power and a gui­tar line that mim­ics the best ver­sion of The Cure.

If noth­ing else, this tune would be a dar­ing choice for the next sin­gle.

But . . . here is a tip, skip the two un­funny joke songs.

The band re­tread Pretty Fly ( For a White Guy) twice here and the re­sult is not at­trac­tive.

The half- rap­ping on Cruis­ing Cal­i­for­nia ( Bumpin’ in My Trunk) is just em­bar­rass­ing.

These dad jokes are re­ally the only time on the al­bum that singer Dex­ter Hol­land sounds puffy and old.

The vaguely reg­gae OC Guns is no bet­ter. These abom­i­na­tions are bound to be deleted from peo­ple’s iTunes playlists.

Also filed un­der Not So Great is the strip­per love song I Wanna Se­cret Fam­ily ( With You).

Mu­si­cally it’s al­most fine, if a lit­tle light­weight, but the­mat­i­cally it’s about as ick as Mor­gan Free­man mar­ry­ing his step- grand­daugh­ter.

Also, what’s with these blokes and paren­the­ses?

Let’s re­turn to the good stuff, and let’s make it clear that two- thirds of the record is good. A bunch of crit­ics have com­pared the ti­tle track, Turn­ing Into You and All I Have Left Is You with bands like the Foo Fight­ers and Rise Against.

For a band so deep into their ca­reer, it says The Off­spring are still on the money. Rise Against clearly cribbed some of their ac­tion from The Off­spring in the first place. And the Fooies are one of the most suc­cess­ful bands ever. That’s not too shabby com­pany to keep.

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