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There’s an old say­ing – if you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. But a self­less dozen past Masterchef cooks will sweat it out in a sec­ond tour of duty as All Stars, writes Deb­bie Schipp

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THEY’VE cleared the first hur­dle – the cro­quem­bouche. Now the MasterChef

All Stars must sur­vive five nights a week of what­ever chal­lenges pro­duc­ers throw at them.

From tonight, the shin­ing lights of three sea­sons of MasterChef Aus­tralia have their rep­u­ta­tions on the line five nights a week as

MasterChef All Stars hits top speed. The cho­sen 12 – sea­son one’s Justine Schofield, Poh Ling Yeow, Chris Bade­noch and Julie Good­win; sea­son two’s Aaron Harvie, Jonathan Dad­dia, Mar­ion Grasby and Cal­lum Hann; and sea­son three’s Ku­mar Pereira, Dani Venn, Hay­den Quinn and Kate Bracks – were rein­tro­duced in to the kitchen last week with a cro­quem­bouche chal­lenge to get them on their toes.

The shin­ing lights of Team Yel­low ( sea­son three) trumped the chal­lenge to win money for char­ity, but Hay­den Quinn knows as well as any MasterChef there’s no din­ing out on past dishes in this kitchen.

Quinn and his 11 co­horts didn’t think twice about ac­cept­ing an in­vite into the

MasterChef kitchen for All Stars , de­spite the fact Quinn hadn’t long been out of the

MasterChef house. ‘‘ Yes we’re back in the house which is a bit bizarre, but for me it’s like a sec­ond home,’’ Quinn says.

‘‘ I was in there a year ago for six months. It was a long stint, so it’s fa­mil­iar ter­ri­tory.

‘‘ It’s great shar­ing the house with peo­ple that have gone be­fore us and get­ting to know them. You spend a lot of time to­gether when you’re shoot­ing a tele­vi­sion show.’’

Quinn says MasterChef All Stars is ‘‘ a to­tally dif­fer­ent vibe to the first time in’’.

‘‘ There are ob­vi­ously still nerves when you hit the kitchen, but the tone of the whole thing is re­laxed and fun,’’ he says.

‘‘ And I’m learn­ing again ev­ery time you are in the kitchen with a dif­fer­ent group of peo­ple there are new tastes, new smells, and new tricks you can mas­ter.’’

But don’t mis­take ca­ma­raderie for a lack of com­pe­ti­tion.

‘‘ Put any of us in a com­pet­i­tive sit­u­a­tion and we want to take it out,’’ Quinn says.

For sea­son one’s Justine Schofield, the re­turn was worth tak­ing just two days off af­ter com­plet­ing the lat­est se­ries of her own show, Ev­ery­day Gourmet, which airs on Chan­nel 10. ‘‘ I lit­er­ally got off film­ing 90 episodes of

Ev­ery­day Gourmet then had a cou­ple of days to pack my bags for this,’’ she says.

‘‘ Hav­ing a sec­ond chance of cook­ing in this crazy kitchen was ir­re­sistible.’’

Al­most as ir­re­sistible, it seems, as the de­li­cious cook­ing smells that come out of the MasterChef house when the All Stars fin­ish film­ing each night.

‘‘ We have the dream pantry that has ev­ery­thing you can pos­si­bly imag­ine, so as much as we’re ex­hausted af­ter film­ing all day, we still have the time to sit around the ta­ble and have a nice din­ner most nights,’’ Schofield says.

‘‘ We are con­stantly com­par­ing recipes, learn­ing, bounc­ing off each other. It’s like a mini hol­i­day but slightly stress­ful when we get into the kitchen for chal­lenges.’’

Aaron Harvie en­tered MasterChef to change his life. Now he’s rel­ish­ing the chance to change some­one else’s.

‘‘ For me, com­ing in the first time was all about get­ting out of my old job and find­ing a place in the food in­dus­try,’’ Harvie says.

‘‘ This time it’s about chang­ing some­one else’s life and do­ing it for char­ity.’’ Harvie wel­comed the re­turn to the

MasterChef house. ‘‘ The first time I was in there I equated it to like a prison that we were all try­ing to stay in,’’ he laughs. ‘‘ This time around it’s a very dif­fer­ent feel­ing be­cause we’ve all been through it and know what to ex­pect.

‘‘ We’ve cho­sen to be there for a dif­fer­ent rea­son – it’s a re­ally good vibe.’’

While the All Stars can’t agree on a win­ner – al­though they say sea­son two’s Mar­ion Grasby is an awe­some tal­ent – they are unan­i­mous on who is most en­ter­tain­ing in the kitchen.

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