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SYDNEY 16- year- old Christina Parie has swapped high school for lessons of the rock ‘ n’ roll va­ri­ety.

This year, Parie ( pic­tured) did a deal with her con­cerned par­ents to drop out for a year to pur­sue a mu­sic ca­reer.

Sign­ing a deal with Warner Mu­sic, which spot­ted Parie’s tal­ent on last year’s X- Fac­tor, was a good con­fi­dence boost.

One af­ter­noon in the stu­dio mak­ing her de­but EP 16 and Un­stop­pable, Parie had an un­ex­pected guest tu­tor in Jes­sica Origliasso of The Veron­i­cas.

She came bear­ing gifts – a song she and sis­ter Lisa wrote, Back To Life.

‘‘ The Veron­i­cas at Hordern Pavilion was my first concert,’’ Parie says. ‘‘ And now Jess from The Veron­i­cas is com­ing in pitch­ing me a song. It was cool. And soon we were work­ing to­gether, it wasn’t like a fan/ su­per­star re­la­tion­ship.’’

Origliasso also gave Parie the kind of les­son she couldn’t get at school: pop song­writ­ing 101.

‘‘ The way Jess talked about writ­ing songs was so lit­eral,’’ Parie says.

‘‘ She’d say ‘ OK, but if he did that why would you do that?’ She made it so easy to un­der­stand.

‘‘ She made it like a story, ‘ What hap­pened next? And what would you do? And let’s make that rhyme’.

‘‘ It was so re­al­is­tic it re­ally helped me.’’

Parie used the tips when writ­ing her first se­ri­ous tune, Ex Oh.

It’s a cau­tion­ary tale of a re­la­tion­ship gone sour af­ter a boy started wear­ing Parie’s clothes.

‘‘ Think you’re a rock star but keep on wear­ing my jeans, think you’re a hot shot, you couldn’t have me in your dreams,’’ a bit­ter Parie vents. ‘‘ It’s a real story,’’ she says. ‘‘ When your boyfriend says, ‘ Can I wear your jeans babe?’ that’s when you should start ask­ing why. Alarm bells should be go­ing off.’’

Is it about skinny- jean- lov­ing wannabe rock star Reece Mastin, who was linked to Parie on last year’s X- Fac­tor?

‘‘ He’s the only guy peo­ple have ever seen me near, so I’m ex­pect­ing peo­ple to think it’s about Reece. But it’s about re­la­tion­ships I’ve been in, in gen­eral, sum­ming them up in one song,’’ Parie says.

Parie gets cau­tious when asked if Mastin has heard the song yet.

‘‘ Um, I don’t think so. I don’t mind. It’s not about him,’’ she says. ‘‘ He’ll prob­a­bly think ‘ What?’ when he hears it but we weren’t in a re­la­tion­ship so I don’t know why he would. We were just close friends dur­ing the show.’’

Parie says her sup­port­ive par­ents are start­ing to un­der­stand.

‘‘ They’re cool now, but they were the typ­i­cal Greek par­ents: ‘ You’re never drop­ping out of school. You’re never dy­ing your hair. You’re never get­ting a pierc­ing’,’’ she says.

‘‘ Those three things went out the win­dow.

‘‘ But as long as I wasn’t drop­ping out of school to do noth­ing.

‘‘ With my sched­ule I’d only be at school once a term maybe. It was the re­al­is­tic thing to do.

‘‘ I learn so much more in what I do now than I ever did in school.

‘‘ You be­come more worldly. If you know what you want to do and you’ve got a plan – and school helps you with that plan – I say go with it. I work that plan ev­ery day and it’s hard work. It’s not just photo shoots and the glossy stuff.’’

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