Greed is not all good

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AN enigma wrapped in a ridicule- bait­ing per­for­mance by Robert Pat­tin­son, Cos­mopo­lis is bound to peeve more peo­ple than it pleases.

Adapted by film­maker David Cro­nen­berg from the 2003 novel by Don DeLillo, the film has just one ob­jec­tive: to mess with the moral per­spec­tive of any­one who sim­ply thinks money is the root of all evil.

The fine art of ac­cu­mu­lat­ing and abus­ing one’s wealth is a com­pli­cated busi­ness, says Cos­mopo­lis. It’s not all good. But it’s not all bad, ei­ther. But it can, and will, do your head in if that is all you think about.

Sur­pris­ingly, the sketchy fig­ure at the cen­tre of pro­ceed­ings here shares a lit­tle some­thing in com­mon with a role made pop­u­lar by Matthew McConaughey last year.

Just like The Lin­coln Lawyer, the po- faced poster boy of Cos­mopo­lis – a jaded and emo­tion­ally re­mote young ty­coon known only as Packer ( Pat­tin­son, pic­tured) – con­ducts all of his busi­ness from the back of a limo.

Per­pet­u­ally prowl­ing the streets of New York for a hot deal, a hot woman or a heated con­ver­sa­tion, Packer spends much of the movie in­dulging in all of the above.

As there ain’t much to call a story go­ing on, the bulk of Cos­mopo­lis can be sum­marised as fol­lows. The deals are un­fath­omably com­plex. The women are fash­ion­ably kinky. The con­ver­sa­tions are synapse- snap­ping ex­er­cises in te­dium.

Not ex­actly the kind of the stuff that’s go­ing to drag Pat­tin­son’s Twi­light posse away from gaz­ing at the poster on their bed­room wall, huh?

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