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SO­NIA Kruger would never last as one of the con­tes­tants in the Big Brother house.

‘‘ I’d be one of those bor­ing house­mates who ir­ri­tates oth­ers by clean­ing too much,’’ the woman cho­sen to host Chan­nel 9’ s gam­ble to re­vive the for­mat says.

But fate meant Kruger was al­ways go­ing to host Big Brother. She knocked back the gig more than a decade ago.

Big Brother aired for eight sea­sons on Chan­nel 10 un­til it was axed in 2008.

‘‘ There was that weird sit­u­a­tion about 10 years ago when Ten called me and said: ‘ You’d be great for this. It’s live and there aren’t many women in Aus­tralia who can do live tele­vi­sion so we would love to have you’,’’ Kruger says.

‘‘ I chick­ened out at the fi­nal hour and didn’t go to the screen test.

‘‘ I hadn’t been at Seven for long, and I just didn’t feel right about it.

‘‘ I’m sort of glad be­cause then Danc­ing With the Stars came along with Seven, and I loved it.

‘‘ So when BB came around a sec­ond time it was al­most fate.

‘‘ It was like, ‘ I don’t think I can say no to this. There is some bizarre rea­son this has come up again’.’’

So Kruger ( pic­tured shuf­fling in the BB promo) de­fected from Seven late last year and joined Nine co- host­ing Morn­ings with David Camp­bell, af­ter Nine dropped long­time host Kerri- Anne Kennerley.

But it was the Big Brother gig that sealed the deal for Kruger. Such is her faith in the show’s for­mat.

‘‘ It was the big­gest fac­tor. It tipped the scale,’’ she says.

It’s been eight months be­tween Kruger se­cur­ing the role of BB’s first lady and ac­tu­ally start­ing her host­ing du­ties, pre­sid­ing over evic­tion nom­i­na­tions and the evic­tions them­selves. She says she has needed it ( the rest). ‘‘ When I was do­ing Danc­ing it was 12 solid weeks of live tele­vi­sion a year, but you’d be a bit rusty go­ing in,’’ she says.

‘‘ But be­cause we’ve been do­ing Morn­ings and I’ve been do­ing two hours live ev­ery day, I feel like I’m match fit.’’

As is nor­mal prac­tice for the show Big Brother is keep­ing even Kruger guess­ing. De­tails of what is planned are scant.

What we do know is there are 14 house­mates, they’ll be nor­mal peo­ple, not wannabes, there’s a new house and the aim is a far more fam­ily friendly for­mat.

Kruger says the show needed to evolve. Don’t ex­pect in­ci­dents like the in­fa­mous ‘‘ tur­key slap’’ of the past.

‘‘ Al­though I love a bit of dou­ble en­ten­dre, I am a fam­ily- ori­ented pre­sen­ter. I don’t want to do late night tele­vi­sion,’’ she says.

Kruger hasn’t met ‘‘ Big Brother’’ yet, so is left, like ev­ery­one else, to dream of what he is like.

‘‘ I keep ask­ing and I get very sketchy de­tails,’’ she says. ‘‘ He’s a strange en­tity. I love the fact he’s al­ways a lit­tle bit testy. I think I’ll en­joy try­ing to push his but­tons.

‘‘ What does he look like? He’s got a very deep voice, so . . . maybe he looks like Seal,’’ she laughs.

‘‘ Maybe it IS Seal.’’

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