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THOSE foxy mo­rons from Foun­tain Lakes are about to make an im­pact on the big screen in Kath & Kimderella, which sees them on a tour of Italy.

As Kim says, it’s about time the world got to see her in 3- DD.

The girls, played by Jane Turner and Gina Ri­ley ( pic­tured), have also been film­ing seg­ments for Kath & Kim: The

Sou­venir Edi­tions. They’ll be pre­sent­ing the most mem­o­rable episodes from their hit TV se­ries.

‘‘ Peo­ple are so lucky that I’m go­ing to share my huge body of work with them as I have an enor­mous back cat­a­logue for all to see,’’ Kim says.

‘‘ We all know peo­ple who have come back from Europe car­ry­ing a lit­tle ex­cess bag­gage.’’

Q. Did you ladies man­age to stay in rea­son­able shape while away?

Kim: I car­ried a bit of ex­cess bag­gage . . . I brought a guy back.

Kath: Kim stacked it on, as per usual. She ate so many pinatas, you wouldn’t be­lieve it. My trick is, I take two pairs of ev­ery­thing. I take a size 8 and a size 12 and when I come back I’m wear­ing the size 12 pants and no­body no­tices I’ve put any weight on. Q. How did you find the Euro­pean men, who pride them­selves on their abil­ity to ro­mance? Kim: Italy is the city of love. Kath: Italy is not a city; it’s a coun­try, you stupid girl.

Kim: I think Italy and Foun­tain Lakes have a lot in com­mon. Guy- wise, they like a girl who keeps her­self trim and is high main­te­nance, and I tick both of those boxes.

Kath: They like a clacky mule and a high- cut jean.

Kim: You should have seen the looks I was get­ting in my jeg­gings. I was rock­ing a pair of jeg­gings, lit­er­ally let­ting it all hang out and they loved it.

Kath: She was rock­ing a pair of jun­der­pants. A jean- printed thun­der­pant.

Q. We have the im­age of the Ital­ian guy on the moped whistling as the girls walk past. Was there plenty of whistling go­ing on?

Kim: There was moped ac­tion ga­lore. I got more than just my bum pinched. I got my bum­bag pinched.

Q. You are com­ing back to Foun­tain Lakes via the small screen?

Kim: I, for one, am not sure I’ll fit back on the small screen.

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