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HIT & RUN ( MA15+)

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Di­rec­tors: Dax Shep­ard, David Palmer Stars: Dax Shep­ard, Kris­ten Bell, Bradley Cooper, Joy Bryant, Tom Arnold

Fun game of triv­ial pur­suits AN en­dear­ingly slap­dash road movie, Hit & Run serves up the kind of fare that would have gone gang­busters at drive- ins in the 1970s.

There are car chases. A lot of car chases. And a lot of talk about what these ve­hi­cles are pack­ing un­der the hood.

There is goofy com­edy. Goofy vi­o­lence. Goofy crooks. Goofy cops. And a few de­cid­edly non- goofy- look­ing women.

Over­all, it is a pack­age that is fun to un­wrap, even if there turns out to be lit­tle inside worth keep­ing.

The writer and co- di­rec­tor here, Dax Shep­ard, also has the star­ring role in

Hit & Run, play­ing a dude by the name of Charles Bron­son.

If that han­dle sounds too bad to be true, there is a very good rea­son: Mr Bron­son has been in wit­ness pro­tec­tion for the past four years.

As the film be­gins, he has been liv­ing as far away as pos­si­ble from his for­mer home in Los Angeles, where he saw ( and pos­si­bly par­tic­i­pated in) some gnarly crim­i­nal stuff.

Now it is time for Bron­son to go back to LA. Not that he re­ally has any choice. His girl­friend An­nie ( Kris­ten Bell), a con­flict res­o­lu­tion coun­sel­lor, has landed her dream job there.

Bron­son loves the woman and must there­fore tag along. By the way, An­nie doesn’t re­ally know why her part­ner has been in hid­ing all this time.

That’s about all the back­ground info you need re­gard­ing Hit & Run.

Now for the fore­ground, which is dom­i­nated by Bron­son’s hot­ted- up 1967 Lin­coln Con­ti­nen­tal ( com­plete with a trans­planted 700hp engine, petrol­heads).

As soon as Char­lie and An­nie hit the open road, they are pur­sued by a vast ar­ray of in­ter­ested par­ties de­ter­mined to stop them from mak­ing it to LA.

These in­clude a dan­ger­ously clumsy US Mar­shal ( Tom Arnold), An­nie’s harm­lessly ob­sessed ex ( Michael Rosen­baum) and a dread­locked stoner with a death wish ( an ef­fec­tive piece of against- type cast­ing for Bradley Cooper).

What fol­lows is di­vert­ingly dis­pos­able chase- ca­per fod­der of the high­est or­der, a kind of Smokin’ Aces- on- wheels that never comes close to out­stay­ing its wel­come.

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