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Pop star P!nk un­learned a life­time of bad habits for her daugh­ter, writes Cameron Adams

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P! NK ( pic­tured) would like to apol­o­gise to all par­ents for a ca­reer full of curs­ing in lyrics.

Now she’s a par­ent to 15- mon­thold daugh­ter Wil­low she’s found her­self baulk­ing at her own recorded potty mouth. In­clud­ing re­cent sin­gle Blow Me

( One Last Kiss) – the S- bomb drops four times in each catchy cho­rus.

‘‘ The record com­pany al­ways say ‘ Have you got a clean ver­sion?’,’’ P!nk says. ‘‘ And I say ‘ No, just ---- ing bleep it. I wasn’t go­ing to sing ‘ You’ve had a rough day, I’ve had a rough day’ Not gonna hap­pen.’’

Her wake- up call was quite lit­eral; one of P!nk’s friends rang her to let her hear their child do­ing the ‘ nana- na- na- na- na’ bratty rant from her hit So What, com­plete with a loud rasp­berry at the end.

‘‘ Now I’m a mamma I’m more aware of it, I get it,’’ P!nk says.

‘‘ I get it why my friends are p----at me when they have kids in the car and my songs come on. Sorry.’’

P!nk is talk­ing up her sixth al­bum,

The Truth About Love.

She’d switched off from mu­sic af­ter moth­er­hood, eas­ing back into it by work­ing with her ‘‘ safe place’’ – song­writer Billy Mann.

‘‘ We have our ‘ Dare to Suck’ week,’’ she says.

Where Did the Beat Go and The Truth About Love passed the suck test. ‘‘ It steam­rolled from there,’’ P! nk says.

The record­ing process was dif­fer­ent this time around.

‘‘ Usu­ally I go a week straight un­til three in the morn­ing: whisky, cig­a­rettes and tears,’’ she says.

‘‘ This time it was Mon­day through Fri­day, 1pm- 10pm, home to pump [ milk] by 10.30pm.’’

A life­long smoker, the 33- yearold is also nico­tine- free for the first time since her teens. Her quit tech­nique? ‘‘ It’s so easy when you have to. When you give your­self a choice that’s when you f--- up.’’

Aside from the health ben­e­fit, P! nk dis­cov­ered a change in her voice – an­other oc­tave.

‘‘ They should put that as a warn­ing on the [ cig­a­rette] pack ‘ If you’re a singer, here, have an oc­tave, throw these in the trash’. What a stupid, stupid, stupid woman I was.’’

The al­bum was steered by US song­writer Greg Kurstin. P! nk had been ob­sessed by his work on al­bums by The Shins and Lily Allen. He was the con­duit to Lily Allen – the UK guest singer on True Love.

‘‘ I love her so much,’’ Pink says of Allen. ‘‘ I think she’s the fun­ni­est, wit­ti­est per­son. She’s got it. She’s got that ‘ f--- you’ I need from peo­ple.’’

Eminem pro­vides a guest rap on ‘‘ al­ter­na­tive club banger’’ Here

Comes the Week­end, a straight swap for P! nk singing on his track

Won’t Back Down.

‘‘ He was like ‘ Do a song with me’, f--- yeah. I said ‘ Do a song on my al­bum’ he said f--- yeah. ‘‘ Hand­shake, noth­ing signed, done. I still think we have an­other song in our fu­ture that will be funny and s--talk­ing, we just didn’t have time.’’

Dan Wil­son ( Adele, Missy Higgins) co- wrote the al­bum’s

glo­ri­ous fi­nale, bal­lad The Great

Es­cape, a song about sui­cide and anti- de­pres­sants.

‘‘ It’s about how we’re all so numbed,’’ P!nk says. ‘‘ It’s very per­sonal for me. We’re all try­ing a way not to feel any­thing.’’ It sits with bal­lads such as Glit­ter

In the Air. In­deed, P!nk says she was plan­ning a whole al­bum in that vein.

‘‘ If Wil­low hadn’t have hap­pened there’d be some­thing like that, an acous­tic record. It’ll hap­pen later. It’ll put some peo­ple to sleep, but that’s the plan. I need that. I need those songs. Those songs are my heart and souls Those songs are what got me through the U+ UR Hands.’’

How Come You’re Not Here is an­other track about her brief split with Carey Hart – be­ing by his wife’s side on her three- month 2009 Fun­house Aus­tralian tour was mar­riage ther­apy.

The lyrics run, ‘‘ I’ve heard some ru­mours about an­other girl, I’ve heard she’s cute but she stores nuts like a squir­rel . . . I’ll wait un­til you get bored and she gets carded for beer.’’

‘‘ Ev­ery­one who hears that song goes ‘ Poor Carey’,’’ P! nk says.

‘‘ What about poor me! No one knows his side, but he’s a good sport. He’s got a good sense of hu­mour. Plus, what’s he go­ing to do! I played it for him at the end of the night af­ter it was recorded and he went ‘ f---!’ Now I’ve writ­ten it, I’m over it.’’


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