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SELF- STYLED ‘‘ wizard of Wall Street’’ Robert Miller ( Richard Gere) is such a 24/ 7 cash mag­net he can barely dis­cern day from night. The planet on which Miller lives is spin­ning like a top. Or so it seems. You see, Robert Miller is one of a long line of ty­coons al­ways care­ful to keep their PR re­turns in the black. Even when their bal­ance sheets are in the red. Some­times, the mere im­age of suc­cess is enough to keep the cred­i­tors at bay.

As Arbitrage be­gins, Miller is se­cretly go­ing through a de­cid­edly rough phase of trad­ing. There is a $ 400 mil­lion hole in his books that cur­rently only he can see.

His com­pany’s in­vestors are none the wiser, but a sur­prise visit from the au­di­tors might soon change that. A deal is un­der way where Miller can not only cover the debt, but some­what mirac­u­lously, also walk away with a hand­some profit.

All Miller needs to do is keep his nerve, and merely keep up ap­pear­ances.

Oh, wait a minute. Did I men­tion Miller might also be im­pli­cated in the mys­te­ri­ous death of a lo­cal artist? There might be noth­ing to it. Af­ter all, re­peated vis­its from a very ag­i­tated de­tec­tive do not seem to be ruf­fling the feath­ers much.

A rip­ping tale of high fi­nance and low ethics, Arbitrage keeps its stocks con­tin­u­ally on the rise due to a gen­uinely bril­liant lead per­for­mance from the much- ma­ligned Gere.

The shifty, shape­less moral­ity of his char­ac­ter be­comes an omi­nous force unto it­self as the film wears on, as we wait to see what he will get away with, and won­der how he can live with him­self as he does so.

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