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Sunday Tasmanian - Tassie Living - - TELEVISION - with JES­SICA ZINNA COLIN VICK­ERY

JES­SICA Zinna knows beauty has to be more than skin deep. The Beauty and the Geek con­tes­tant’s looks would stop traf­fic but there is plenty on the inside, too. It doesn’t take long to dis­cover Zinna ( pic­tured) has a bub­bly per­son­al­ity, self­dep­re­cat­ing sense of hu­mour and a car­ing na­ture.

Q: Why did you go on Beauty and the Geek? A: I love help­ing peo­ple who have low self­es­teem. I’ve met girls who don’t know how to dress or do their hair and make- up. I have this vibe about me that I like talk­ing to peo­ple and help­ing ev­ery­one. A beau­ti­ful woman can be in­tim­i­dat­ing for some guys. When I go out club­bing, I’m the type of girl that guys, no mat­ter what they look like, come up to. I’ll stop and talk to them, give them re­spect. I’m not the kind of girl where a guy has to be six- foot tall and mus­cly to have a con­ver­sa­tion with me. I have a big heart.

Q: You haven’t had great luck when it comes to ro­mance, have you? A: I am at­tracted to the wrong guys – blokes into mo­tor­bikes and grand prix. They’re not the most hon­est, loyal men in the world. I guess that’s where it gets me into trou­ble. I’m try­ing to avoid them now. I think, ’ Don’t go down this path again’. I want to be the only one, not an­other one.

Q: Do you feel peo­ple judge you be­cause of your looks? A: Peo­ple look at me and judge me for my ap­pear­ance, whether that’s my tat­toos or fake boobs. I’m con­fi­dent but I’m never ar­ro­gant. My fam­ily has taught me ’ you are who you are and be proud of it’. It up­sets me when peo­ple are jeal­ous of me or start hat­ing me for no rea­son.

Q: Why did you get the tat­toos? A: To me, tat­toos are artis­tic. Mine are all mean­ing­ful to me. I have a tat­too of my grand­par­ents’ ini­tials. They passed away from can­cer. When­ever I’m down, I look at it and in­stantly feel their love.

Q: I’m sur­prised you felt you needed to get a boob job. A: My mum has a beau­ti­ful rack and my younger sis­ter too. I looked at my­self and said, ’ What hap­pened?’ I got over wear­ing the chicken fil­lets. I did it to make my­self happy.

Q: How im­por­tant are mar­riage and chil­dren? A: I’m a very big fam­ily girl, very nur­tur­ing. Even­tu­ally I want a hus­band and kids.

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