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Q: There was a ru­mour you were con­tem­plat­ing a tour of the Out­back. Fact or fic­tion? A: It was planned, but the of­fers didn’t cover the travel ex­penses, so we couldn’t do it. In­ter­est­ingly, a lot of good of­fers are com­ing in this year, which I think is a re­sult of very suc­cess­ful tour­ing. Q: Do you have a favourite Aus­tralian an­i­mal? A: Eric Bana. Q: Your 2012 world tour has been un­der­taken with no man­age­ment, record la­bel or al­bum to pro­mote. The en­dur­ing suc­cess with­out these usual tools must be par­tic­u­larly grat­i­fy­ing. A: It’s grat­i­fy­ing but it takes in­de­pen­dence a bit too far and it isn’t gen­er­ally un­der­stood or ac­knowl­edged. I still dream of a man­ager who ac­tu­ally man­ages. But they don’t ex­ist. Man­agers man­age them­selves in re­la­tion to what­ever it is the artist does. Q: You’re be­tween record la­bels. Is there an up­date? A: Not re­ally. The hori­zon re­mains bleak. But I ac­cept it now. I ex­ist only in the live arena, or on YouTube. Tal­ent is now so ar­ti­fi­cially shaped that to tour suc­cess­fully and to have in­tegrity and mean­ing to what­ever you do are ut­terly for­eign com­modi­ties to the mu­sic in­dus­try. Q: A few new songs have been aired live. Is there a new al­bum? A: We were ready to record the al­bum 18 months ago but there were no tak­ers. I was ap­proached by Sony but the of­fer was so poor I’d end up pay­ing for ev­ery­thing yet split­ting the profit with the la­bel. It doesn’t make sense. Q: What are your thoughts on Twit­ter and Face­book? A: I know noth­ing about Twit­ter, and I can only roughly as­sess Face­book. Twit­ter seems use­ful in some ways be­cause you are no longer at the mercy of press in­ter­pre­ta­tion, but Face­book is too self- grat­i­fy­ing. You might think you have 900 friends, but it’s an il­lu­sion. To me it seems like the essence of lone­li­ness. Q: Any inside word on your loom­ing au­to­bi­og­ra­phy? Does it have a ti­tle yet? A: Of course it has a ti­tle. Ti­tles are just as im­por­tant as con­tent. I’ve said al­most too much about the book re­cently – more words than there are in the book it­self so I can’t add any­thing. It will be laid bare soon, to be loved or de­spised or ig­nored. Fate will de­cide. I’ll be in Ti­bet tap­ping a singing- bowl. Q: How long did it spend in the mitts of lawyers? A: No lawyers in­volved and no need for any. If the book ex­presses events in­so­far as they af­fected me on a per­sonal level, then how can such things be dis­puted? They can’t. Q: Are you a fan of The Killers, who of­ten cite you as an influence? A: The Killers asked me to sing with them this month in New York, but I’m just not the type. Q: What are the el­e­ments in your rider [ list of de­mands]? A: There’s no way I can make this re­ply sound in­ter­est­ing: wa­ter, bread, orange juice, black tea, Du­vel, grapes. This is what I am. Are you dis­ap­pointed?

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