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Sunday Tasmanian - Tassie Living - - PETS - with Tas­ma­nian crick­eter Ja­son Kre­jza EL­IZ­A­BETH LORD Email

A FTER grow­ing up with boxer dogs, Tassie crick­eter and dog lover Ja­son Kre­jza knew he wanted one of his own. All he had to do was con­vince his part­ner, Leah, of their charms. Where did you get Bax­ter and Maysie from? We got them both from around Ho­bart. Bax­ter was from Brighton and Maysie was from Cygnet. Bax­ter is three and Maysie is two. They’re both pure­bred box­ers. Why did you choose box­ers? My dad has had box­ers pretty much all his life. I wanted one of my own and I fi­nally talked my part­ner into get­ting one when we bought a house. She hadn’t been around dogs be­fore so she didn’t know the breeds and their tem­per­a­ments. I al­ready knew box­ers were re­ally fun, loyal and good with kids. How would de­scribe their per­son­al­i­ties? Maysie has to be touch­ing you or have you in her vi­sion 100 per cent of the time. If you move into an­other room she has to get up and see where you are. She’s a very loyal and needy sort of dog but she can go from be­ing a com­plete an­gel to a grem­lin on the beach. She knows which dogs are go­ing to bark and if they start yap­ping she’ll yell at them. Bax­ter is re­ally laid­back. He’s the friendli­est dog in the world. He does his own thing. They’re both pretty obe­di­ent. What is the naugh­ti­est thing they’ve done? They’re box­ers so the list is pretty ex­ten­sive. We bought a new couch with a chaise bit on the end. Maysie bit a hole in it and pulled out all the stuff­ing. It cost us al­most as much as the couch to fix. When we first got Maysie and she was re­ally lit­tle I was ly­ing on the ground with her. Bax­ter came along and marked his ter­ri­tory on my chest. He got in a lot of trou­ble but it was hard to stay an­gry at him be­cause it was so funny that he’d peed on me. It was pretty strange. Why did you get a sec­ond dog? We got Maysie so Bax­ter had a com­pan­ion. I’m away so much and Bax­ter was a bit naughty as a puppy. I’d love to have 60 dogs but I can’t. We kept scan­ning the pa­per for a com­pan­ion and fi­nally found Maysie. They just love each other. They fight all the time but it’s big brother, lit­tle sis­ter stuff. They have to be to­gether. If we take one in the car, the other one cries. Bax­ter had to go in and out of hospi­tal sev­eral times and ev­ery time we took him in, Maysie would be on the couch cry­ing. What’s the best thing about hav­ing dogs? It’s a cliche but it’s their un­con­di­tional love. We have a cat, Lexi, too. Cats are good but the emo­tion dogs can show is un­be­liev­able. There’s no bet­ter time than when you get home, they’re just so happy to see you.

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