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Imag­ine liv­ing in a world where colour, num­bers and time do not ex­ist. This is how the con­tro­ver­sial Ama­zo­nian Pi­raha tribe live. The in­dige­nous group of hunter- gath­ers in­stead fo­cus on im­me­di­ate ex­pe­ri­ences and shun past or fu­ture thoughts to fo­cus on the now. When former- mis­sion­ary Daniel Everett vis­ited the tribe three decades ago to ‘ save in­dige­nous souls’, his own re­li­gious be­liefs were shaken to the core. Everett di­vorced his Chris­tian wife, be­came an athe­ist and set about learn­ing the Pi­raha lan­guage.

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