Bessie – keepin’ it real

With pho­tog­ra­pher Kirsty Pilk­ing­ton

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KIRSTY Pilk­ing­ton’s nearly two- year- old kelpie- smith­field cross Bessie is def­i­nitely a ‘‘ real’’ dog.

Where did you get Bessie?

We found her in the news­pa­per. My part­ner and daugh­ter orig­i­nally wanted a sheep­dog. My old dog was a lit­tle fluff ball and they wanted a ‘‘ real’’ dog. We heard that a lot of bor­der col­lie pup­pies had been found and we had our hearts set on one of them. But when we went to the RSPCA we couldn’t find them. Bessie came from a fam­ily in New Nor­folk, and she’s the com­plete op­po­site of my old dog.

How would you de­scribe her per­son­al­ity?

She’s got the work­ing dog in her through and through. She’s very pa­tient, she can wait for ages. She’s very loyal. I al­ways feel really safe with her even though she’s so non- ag­gres­sive. She’s really good with other dogs and great with kids. She’s just a really friendly kind of dog. She’s also really good with our chick­ens. She never both­ers them, which ev­ery­one is really sur­prised about. She’s al­ways got a bit of a smile on her face. She makes us smile.

What does she en­joy do­ing?

She loves soc­cer and water games. She’ll take off to the dam a few times a day and have a bit of a dip and splash around. I’ve fea­tured her on one of my greet­ing cards, leap­ing up out of the water. It was taken at Nine Mile Beach at Swansea and she looks like she was hav­ing the time of her life, and she def­i­nitely was!

Does she have any funny habits?

She can open our doors. We’ve just bought some new han­dles be­cause she keeps open­ing the doors and not clos­ing them, and our cats ( who have a large cat run be­cause we love the na­tive birds) keep on es­cap­ing!

What is the best thing about Bessie?

I didn’t re­alise how dif­fer­ent a dog could be. I love tak­ing Bessie out with me. She can come along to most places. She’s a con­stant com­pan­ion. She’s just good com­pany.

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