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RRP: $ 79.95 ( re­viewed on Xbox 360)

THERE are days when I sim­ply want to fire up a game, switch my brain off and pro­ceed to beat a path of de­struc­tion through hordes of en­e­mies just for fun.

Anar­chy Reigns, the lat­est beat ’ em up ti­tle from Plat­inum Games, who also pro­duced

Bay­o­netta, Van­quish, and MadWorld, doesn’t at­tempt to be any more than just this – a chaotic brawler pop­u­lated with a cast of characters ooz­ing style and deadly ac­tion.

You can ex­pect a rel­a­tively shal­low level of com­bat, and a hit- and- miss sin­gle player cam­paign, but tak­ing on an en­emy with a chain­saw that’s part of your arm is only half of the ridicu­lous fun to be had here.

I en­joyed the pri­mal sim­plic­ity of mash­ing the con­troller but­tons to dish out a combo of fu­ri­ous at­tacks. Although this hand- to- hand com­bat against thugs, mu­tants and ro­bots is al­ways fran­tic, get­ting in some well- timed blows does give you the up­per hand.

Few brawler video games of­fer such a mem­o­rable cast of zany characters out­side the main pro­tag­o­nist. Anar­chy Reigns is an ex­cep­tion.

MadWorld’s Jack Cay­man is back with his chain­saw arm and a book of one lin­ers, plus a coun­ter­part in the form of su­per sol­dier cop Leo. To­gether, you’ll go up against a ros­ter of colour­ful mis­fits and femme fatales.

Com­ple­ment­ing the cast is the over- the- top game­play. Plat­inum Games de­liv­ers in­creas­ingly crazy sce­nar­ios, from hav­ing to dodge a blade cov­ered semi- trailer while be­ing at­tacked by a gi­ant mu­tant, through to catch­ing mis­siles in your bare hands only to hurl them back at en­emy chop­pers.

Like a clas­sic kung- fu flick, Anar­chy Reigns is ideal to fire up for a few hours of pure non­sense when you’re in the mood for it.

Just don’t ex­pect any more from it, and you’ll come away smil­ing.

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