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★ ★ ★ ★ ■ HOW does a band re­spond to decades of froth­ing an­tic­i­pa­tion?

For lauded Bri­tish rock act My Bloody Valen­tine the an­swer seems to be: qui­etly wait out the storm, then sud­denly re­lease your first al­bum in 22 years.

Self- re­leas­ing the record Ra­dio­head­style di­rect to your cult fol­low­ers on­line is the right choice for this act. But on a Satur­day at mid­night? Odd. None­the­less, the band’s web­site servers crashed, which only fed the chaos and may­hem.

More im­por­tantly, the mu­sic. There’s no cu­ri­ous side­step into dub­step, no heavy men­tal mus­ings. Twenty years have passed but this is still MBV do­ing MBV stuff. Nine swirling, dense songs with melodies de­signed to sway wonkily with a woozy ef­fect that is un­set­tling and glo­ri­ous.

Through­out mbv it’s com­mon to think you know ex­actly what a song is do­ing and where its headed, un­til it trips you over and pushes you down some stairs. Com­plex song­writ­ing and rich lay­er­ing are com­mon for this act and mbv was worth the wait.

Jar­rad Be­van

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