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★ ★ ★ ★ ■ WHEN UK band Foals pre­viewed this third al­bum in Novem­ber it landed with a thud. That’s be­cause In­haler was a hulk­ing stal­lion of a Foals’ song where hir­sute front­man Yan­nis Philip­pakis turns from boy to man be­tween verse and cho­rus singing about be­ing a ‘‘ momma’s boy’’ one minute, ro­bustly declar­ing war on a per­sonal space in­vader the next.

It di­vided in the way that great come­back sin­gles of­ten do, but also sign­posted change, as great third al­bums from in­die dar­lings should.

The in­stant hit My Num­ber should surely be their main­stream break­through – deft but still in­die groove pop with a shim­mer­ing cho­rus. Bad Habit is the jan­gly rel­a­tive of Sweet Dis­po­si­tion the Tem­per Trap de­lib­er­ately avoided writ­ing for their sec­ond al­bum, while the cho­rus of Ev­ery­time pos­i­tively growls.

While things ta­per off to­wards the end, Holy Fire in­di­cates Foals are sta­di­um­ready but still charm­ingly er­ratic.

Cameron Adams

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