Olive & Daisy: sim­ply oar­some

Olympic row­ing cham­pion and abalone diver Steve Hawkins’ two dogs Olive, four, and Daisy, three, are com­plete op­po­sites

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Where did you get Olive and Daisy from? My wife Mee­gan was work­ing at the an­i­mal hospi­tal in Bel­lerive. We’d talked about get­ting a dog. I wanted to wait a bit but Mee­gan was pretty keen to get one.

Olive is a kelpie cross. She was brought into the hospi­tal when she was about 12 weeks old. She’d been knocked around and needed an op­er­a­tion. Mee­gan brought her home for a few days to re­cover with the prom­ise that she was go­ing back but she just stayed. We were stuck with her!

We got Daisy, a bor­der col­lie blue heeler cross, about eight months later and it was the same kind of sce­nario. She had ter­ri­ble di­ar­rhoea and her own­ers couldn’t af­ford to treat her. A sec­ond dog was eas­ier to ac­cept be­cause it was bet­ter for Olive to have a friend to boss around. I never thought of hav­ing two dogs but it does make sense.

How would you de­scribe their per­son­al­i­ties? Olive is all about her­self. She’s the leader of the pack. She’s bossy and un­pre­dictable. We tried to train her but she’s un­train­able. She’s very ex­citable.

Daisy is laid­back and calm. She’s very obe­di­ent, she’ll do what­ever you say. She’s the op­po­site of Olive. I didn’t re­alise dogs could be so dif­fer­ent.

What is their re­la­tion­ship like? Olive is the boss. She doesn’t miss Daisy but I think Daisy would miss be­ing bossed around by Olive. She’s lost with­out her. Watch­ing the two of them in­ter­act is quite funny. Olive will eat from her bowl and once she’s had the best bits, she’ll go over and eat Daisy’s.

If you give them bones, Olive gets the best one and Daisy the leftovers. But as soon as you turn your back, Olive goes over and sits on Daisy’s bone while she eats hers.

What do you like about hav­ing dogs? They’re al­ways in a good mood and they’re al­ways happy to see you.

They’re good lis­ten­ers. I think Olive and Daisy are good guard dogs too, they’re very pro­tec­tive of our kids.

They give you a rea­son to ex­er­cise ev­ery day, you feel guilty if you haven’t taken them for a run.


PUPPY LOVE: Steve Hawkins with his dogs Olive, ( left), and Daisy at home in Rose Bay.

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