Me & Max – a new home

In tragic cir­cum­stances, four- year- old labrador- golden re­triever cross Max be­came a part of Al­li­son Hor­swill’s fam­ily. Al­li­son ex­plains what hap­pened and how her el­dest son Ol­lie, 7, is now Max’s new owner

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How did Max end up be­com­ing part of your fam­ily? Max be­longed to my hus­band’s brother Huw, who had rescued him from the pound in Mel­bourne.

Max had been mis­treated and Huw worked really hard with him to get him to the won­der­ful pet he is to­day.

They would run to­gether morn­ing and night.

In Au­gust last year they were out on their daily morn­ing run and, out of the blue, Huw, a fi t 32- year- old, had a mas­sive heart at­tack and died. Max doesn’t usu­ally bark but he alerted passers- by by run­ning madly around and around and bark­ing. He stayed with Huw un­til the am­bu­lance ar­rived.

When my hus­band went over to Mel­bourne he brought Max back with him and he’s been with us ever since. How has Max ad­justed? We took him to the funeral and he really qui­etly moaned the whole way through. If we un­pack any of Huw’s stuff he goes com­pletely nuts.

He’s still a bit con­fused but he loves our three boys, Ol­lie, 7, Miles, 3 and Sam, 1. Ob­vi­ously, we’ve all been very up­set. If some­one’s hav­ing a par­tic­u­larly bad day, he’ll come into their room and sleep on their bed.

In the fi rst week he slept on Ol­lie’s bed ev­ery night.

If you’re sit­ting down, he’ll come and lie next to you and put his head in your lap and he used to do that with Huw. How would you de­scribe his per­son­al­ity? He’s very cheeky. One of our sons Miles is three and Max is al­most the same as a three- yearold.

Ol­lie is Max’s owner now. He loves tak­ing him for a run on the beach. Max loves swim­ming – any water, any­where, he’s in it. What is the best thing about hav­ing Max? The best thing about Max is that he’s a con­stant re­minder of Huw. If you’re hav­ing a bad day, you can give him a pat or scratch and feel a bit closer to Huw. Max really was his best mate.

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