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Tat­too artistry comes to life in this UK doc­u­men­tary that chron­i­cles peo­ple cov­er­ing up tat­too mis­takes, tat­too lovers who just can’t stop get­ting the ink, and the artists who cre­ate the tat­toos. With the av­er­age tat­too cost­ing more than $ 1500, many have turned to or­der­ing cheap kits over the in­ter­net and try­ing the pro­ce­dure them­selves – of­ten with pre­dictably poor re­sults. This gen­er­ally leads things back to the pro­fes­sion­als, who are tasked with cor­rect­ing those that go awry. This is an hon­est and raw look at tat­too­ing and self- ex­pres­sion through body art.

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