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RRP: $ 89.95 ( re­viewed on PS3)

RE­GARD­LESS of your taste for the mil­i­tary sci- fi movie genre, few movie­go­ers would have not seen or at least heard of the pop­u­lar Aliens fran­chise dat­ing back to the late ’ 70s.

Its im­pact on video games has been so in­flu­en­tial it’s hard to imag­ine what we’d all be play­ing on our con­soles in a world that never had Ri­d­ley Scott’s mas­ter­piece.

So with this in mind, a true se­quel to the sem­i­nal film has landed in Aliens: Colo­nial Marines and it’s one that is high in ex­pec­ta­tions.

The game de­liv­ers all the Alien hall­marks – the mo­tion tracker, dim light­ing and ter­ri­fy­ing crea­tures that ooze deadly acid.

But what it doesn’t serve up is great game­play.

Much of the level de­sign is rigid and cliched, with only a few clever me­chan­ics.

The com­puter- con­trolled characters lack any charisma or in­tel­li­gence – mov­ing around and at­tack­ing with sheep- like pre­dictabil­ity.

Aim­ing to give the game some ex­tended life, the lev­els are de­signed to be re­played and you re­ceive up­grade­able weapons and gear the more times you re­play them, but what this core game­play is so lack­ing only high­lights what the game could have been.

There are some good ideas and in­ten­sions on the sur­face here, but most are lost in the over­all hap­haz­ard­ness, which only makes me long for what this could have been in the hands of a dif­fer­ent game de­vel­oper.

Fans should pre­pare for frus­tra­tion and heart­break.

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