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Jean- Pas­cal of­fers a crack­ing ar­ray

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THE spring equinox, phases of the moon and sun cults, Mithras, Horus, Inanna and other pa­gan res­ur­rected god myths, the Jewish Passover, the rab­bits and hares of fer­til­ity, sim­nel cakes and the sign of the cross – they all en­ter into the rich and con­fused pageantry of pa­gan/ Jewish/ Chris­tian sym­bol­ism of our Easter cel­e­bra­tions.

Even, for An­glo- Sax­ons, the very name Easter sup­pos­edly comes to us from Eostre, the an­cient Saxon god­dess of “new light”, rather than Latin vari­a­tions of “Pascha” de­rived from He­brew.

And the egg. Is it, as in many an­cient cul­tures, the sign of re­birth and new life?

Or, as some Chris­tians be­lieve, a sym­bol of Christ’s empty tomb, the rolling of the rock away from its en­trance or, as beitzah in the Jewish Passover seder, hard- boiled as a sign of mourn­ing, in this case, for the twin de­struc­tions of their tem­ple?

And, for many Ortho­dox Chris­tians and oth­ers, hand- dec­o­rat­ing hard- boiled eggs in bright colours and ex­chang­ing them re­mains one of the best fam­ily- to­gether tra­di­tions of all our sec­u­lar and re­li­gious Easter cel­e­bra­tions.

So, when you look around in the win­dow of Norman and Dann, at John Zito’s lit­tle

Chef Jen­nifer Git­tus of­fers up molten choco­late; be­low, well- dressed Easter eggs line the shelves at Jean- Pas­cal Patis­serie. Pic­tures: RICHARD JUPE

De­li­cious Easter treats come in many shapes and sizes at Jean- Pas­cal Lepre­tre’s New Town patis­serie.

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