Dou­ble the fun at Dodges

Sassy McGuire, 9, of Dodges Ferry, has grown up with her two rhode­sian ridge­back crosses, Pearl and Grace, both 13. They may not be pure in pedi­gree but Sassy be­lieves they’re the best in ev­ery way and thinks they are so spe­cial she has even coined a new

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What’s it been like grow­ing up with Pearl and Grace?

Well, they were here when I came home [ as a baby] so I’ve never known any­thing other than hav­ing Grace and Pearl around.

It’s al­ways a fun ex­pe­ri­ence be­cause you can take them for walks or play with the ball with them.

What are Grace and Pearl dif­fer­ences?

Pearl’s a lot sportier than Grace; she’s ob­sessed with run­ning and chas­ing the ball. Grace is more re­laxed and lays down a lot and al­ways looks for af­fec­tion.

Grace is a bit of a show- off. She had all her hair cut off the other day and when we got home it looked like she was pranc­ing around the back­yard, show­ing off her new look to Pearl.

How would you de­scribe Grace and Pearl’s re­la­tion­ship to one an­other?

They love each other. If they have been apart Pearl will al­ways come up and give Grace a few licks and nuz­zles. They’re from dif­fer­ent lit­ters but they’ve been to­gether for so long that they’re sis­ters now.

Have you got any funny sto­ries about them?

I’ve got two about Grace: she has a habit of play­ing with and rolling around in dead an­i­mals.

Dad used to work in a ra­dio sta­tion and one time when Grace had just rolled in a dead an­i­mal and smelt ter­ri­ble, she got into the ra­dio sta­tion and stunk it out.

Grace also loves chas­ing birds and she once went out swim­ming to catch a bird and as the birds kept mov­ing fur­ther and fur­ther away, Grace just kept swim­ming af­ter them.

What’s great about hav­ing Grace and Pearl?

They’re al­ways there when I get off the bus when I get home from school to meet me.

They’re just like Mum, Dad or Sid. They’re part of the fam­ily.

FRIENDS FOR LIFE: Sassy and Sid McGuire with their two rhode­sian ridge­back crosses Grace, left, and Pearl, both 13 years old.


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