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Bid­ding strat­egy in teams is quite dif­fer­ent from that in pairs. In teams, one strives not to miss any game con­tracts whereas the first con­cern in pairs is to get a plus score. Pairs favours ad­ven­tur­ous bid­ding in that a disas­ter is only a bot­tom whereas, in teams, a disas­ter means the prob­a­ble loss of a match. Thus, in teams, one bids when there is a chance of game or it is rea­son­ably safe to bid. In the hand shown, North over­calls 1D be­cause the suit is good and nei­ther op­po­nent is likely to have good enough trumps to dou­ble it. It gets NS into the auc­tion and di­rects a good lead if EW end up play­ing the con­tract. East bids 1NT be­cause EW play a 14- 16 1NT so, if West is bal­anced, the max­i­mum hand which will pass is 13 and 3NT will not be an is­sue. South’s 2H bid is a dis­tinct over­bid since there is lit­tle chance of game with both op­po­nents in the auc­tion. The poor suit of­fers no safety but, luck­ily, the hearts split evenly, so there is no dou­ble.

Now West needs to find a lead. What do you fancy? The trump suit is clearly out and it is unattrac­tive to start di­a­monds since de­clarer will play them any­way. The nor­mal lead from th­ese black suit hold­ings is the ace be­cause un­der­lead­ing an ace may lead to it get­ting ruffed later. How­ever, part­ner has de­nied four spades and a 5- 1 split is un­likely on the auc­tion. It may be pos­si­ble to let East win the QS if the KS is in dummy or to give East a spade ruff on the sec­ond or third round. Thus, lead­ing the 2S looks an at­trac­tive and safe way to de­velop some de­fen­sive tricks. In prac­tice, East wins the KS, re­turns one to the AS and West leads the 3S for East to ruff. East no­tices that it was the low­est out­stand­ing spade that was led for the ruff and so re­turns the 3C since it is the low­est suit. West now re­turns an­other spade for a sec­ond ruff. Af­ter cash­ing the KC and two more hearts, de­clarer is 3 off for mi­nus 300 when EW can only make a part score. This is a poor re­sult caused by the 2H bid.

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