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Mod­ern Vam­pires of the City

WHERE some bands stum­ble, or only man­age to so­lid­ify what they’ve done on ear­lier al­bums, New York in­die out­fit Vam­pire Week­end jump ahead in their third al­bum.

Mod­ern Vam­pires of the City is full of clever word­smith­ery backed by am­bi­tious mu­sic. It is richly de­tailed and com­plex in spurts, but mostly it is more re­fined with con­tem­po­rary pop melodies and world mu­sic rhyth­mic flour­ishes.

The al­bum has been dubbed the third in a tril­ogy, so is a change com­ing?

Hud­son could be the clue. Buried at the end of the al­bum it is deeper and darker than any­thing they’ve writ­ten. It stands out like a sore thumb. More typ­i­cal is the sunny, keys- lead Un­be­liev­ers or the giddy pi­ano riff­ing on Young Lion. Don’t Lie is built on some in­stantly VW- sound­ing per­cus­sion, while Ever­last­ing Arms is the band at its most Talk­ing Heads- ish. Fin­ger Back shows good things hap­pen when they step on the gas for a mo­ment, but the killer twist is the song’s crazy spo­ken word in­ter­lude.

Step is a stand­out among the stand­outs with its in­fec­tious harp­si­chord melody and a lyri­cal nod to ’ 90s rap.

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