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Justin Lin ( Vin Diesel, Dwayne John­son, Michelle Ro­driguez, Luke Evans, Paul Walker, Jor­dana Brewster, Tyrese Gib­son, Chris “Lu­dacris” Bridges, Sung Kang.

IN an early scene of Fast & Furious 6, se­ries reg­u­lar Brian ( Paul Walker) has this to blurt about his fel­low ac­cel­er­ated ag­i­ta­tors: “We do what we do best. We im­pro­vise.”

You can say that again, Brian. Ac­tu­ally, on sec­ond thoughts, don’t say an­other word.

Oth­er­wise some­one might start ask­ing some hard ques­tions. Es­pe­cially re­gard­ing the im­pro­vised re­turn of a for­mer se­ries reg­u­lar thought to be deader than the dodo.

Hey, err, didn’t we all see Letty ( Michelle Ro­driguez) take a fa­tal bul­let to her per­son a few se­quels ago?

Umm, no, we did not. Letty is back, footto- the- fl oor­ing it and as frowny- faced as ever. Only with enough am­ne­sia to make Ja­son Bourne look like a guy who re­mem­bers ev­ery­thing.

Yep, when it comes to Fast & Furious 6, it’s best if you for­get all pre­vi­ous laps of the cir­cuit. Then you can feel the rush of this gilt- edged, guilty- plea­sure joy ride to the max.

Back to Letty, the one- time prime squeeze of F& F main man Dom Toretto ( Vin Diesel, whose head now re­sem­bles a steroid- fed talk­ing kid­ney bean).

She’s been spot­ted by the feds com­mit­ting four- wheeled felonies all over the globe for an in­ter­na­tional crim­i­nal mas­ter­mind named Shaw ( Luke Evans).

Nat­u­rally, only one bunch of ex­iled fugi­tive rub­ber- burn­ers can both stop Shaw from get­ting his grubby paws on a sin­is­ter gizmo and also give Letty her mem­ory back.

There­fore, Team Toretto, last seen hid­ing out in ex­tra­di­tion- free glam­our des­ti­na­tions around Europe, are brought back to­gether af­ter a revving- up from their old fren­emy, Agent Hobbs ( Dwayne John­son).

Here’s the deal. If Dom and his petrol- headed posse can run Shaw off the road to world dom­i­na­tion, Hobbs will get them a par­don to re­side once more in the US. Just in time for Fast & Furious 7 ( in cinemas July 2014).

As we should know by now, no one goes to a F& F movie for the story. ( Though if you do, help is avail­able.) All any­one wants from this hugely pop­u­lar fran­chise is to get high on the fumes of one au­da­cious four- wheeled stunt af­ter an­other.

On this level alone, F& F6 de­liv­ers the goods spec­tac­u­larly: both with quan­tity ( the fi lm runs 130 min­utes, but never stops for a red- light breather) and qual­ity ( there are at least fi ve set- piece se­quences that more than jus­tify the price of ad­mis­sion for full- on fans).

Di­rec­tor Justin Lin knows th­ese kind of movies in­side- out and he is not afraid to keep up­ping the ante when it comes to the creative chore­og­ra­phy of cars.

There are mo­ments in F& F6 where the ac­tion is tak­ing place si­mul­ta­ne­ously on three dis­tinct planes: on- road, off- road and through the air.

Yes, it is all so ut­terly ridicu­lous. But let me tell you, it is all so un­de­ni­ably ex­cit­ing and en­ter­tain­ing.

Over­all, a wor­thy, ni­trous- blast­ing ad­di­tion to a fran­chise that may not be so fresh any more, but is as fast and furious as ever.

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