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Four stu­dents bat­tle it out not only against each other, her, but also with the mighty croc­o­diles of the out­back, to win a spot with John Lever to head to Kakadu. The stu­dents, ents, in­clud­ing Luke Jones ( right), have to learn the im­por­tance or­tance of team­work in this week’s chal­lenge and stu­dent Re­nee is put to the ul­ti­mate test, lead­ing the team in catch­ing g and noos­ing a croc. Re­nee and Ryan are cho­sen for a mys­tery trip, while back at Lever’s Koorana Croc­o­dile Farm stu­dents have to sharpen their catch­ing skills, as well as learn arn how to skin a croc.

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