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RRP: $ 69 ( re­viewed on PS Vita)

FANS of the pop­u­lar Mon­ster Hunter fran­chise who are look­ing for a fresh take on the ac­tion will find much to like about this new role- play­ing, hack- and- slash ti­tle.

The game’s in­trigu­ing story plays out as your char­ac­ter combs through the pages of an old sor­cerer’s jour­nal.

The chap­ters of­fer de­tailed de­scrip­tions of bat­tles the sor­cerer en­coun­tered, which you’re trans­ported back in time to re- en­act.

In place of the tra­di­tional ar­mour and weapon lev­el­ling- up ex­pe­ri­ence is a sac­ri­fice or save sys­tem. The lat­ter op­tion I par­tic­u­larly en­joyed.

This makes the game more about tech­nique and strat­egy than about how your char­ac­ter’s stats mea­sure up against an en­emy.

But as is of­ten the case with this genre of games, Soul Sor­cerer’s ac­tion bor­ders on repet­i­tive.

Grind­ing through a typ­i­cal quest re­quires the re­lent­less slay­ing of mostly the same crea­tures, umpteen times.

In ad­di­tion to the limited en­e­mies, there is also a no­table lack of dif­fer­ent en­vi­ron­ments.

Help­ing break up the repet­i­tive­ness, bonus sor­cerer side- quests can be un­der­taken.

Th­ese brief events run to a timer, end­ing with a score and rat­ing.

An­other way to spice things up is to jump on­line with up to three friends and work co- op­er­a­tively against the game’s tough­est mon­sters.

The save or sac­ri­fice me­chanic comes into play on­line too, and it’s much more ex­cit­ing with friends, al­low­ing you to give up some of your health to re­vive your bud­dies or sac­ri­fice them in or­der to un­leash a deadly spell on the beast.

Vis­ually, Soul Sac­ri­fice is a flaw­less gem. Cer­tain parts of the game built upon the dark ar­chi­tec­ture look im­pres­sive, par­tic­u­larly the mon­sters which are as wicked as they are creative.

If you can push past the rep­e­ti­tion and limited en­emy types, set­tle in for many hours of quest­ing, loot­ing and re­ward­ing com­bat in one of the most orig­i­nal games for PS Vita.

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