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This hand, from round 4 of the VCC But­ler event held re­cently in Melbourne, caused a sur­pris­ing amount of dif­fi­culty. Twenty- four pairs reached 3NT and were in no dan­ger of bid­ding the slam. Nine­teen pairs made 4NT which looks as though they made and re­fused a slam try. Ten pairs went off in 6N ( and one in 7N!). Four pairs failed in 6C and seven failed in 6D. Per­haps the les­son is that one should avoid all but the best slams when play­ing in a But­ler since you rarely lose the full amount against the field aver­age. None­the­less, the slam is make­able. At my ta­ble the auc­tion was as shown. The open­ing 1NT was 12- 15 which is not a method I like but one needs to hu­mour part­ners. The 2NT re­bid showed 14- 15 with no 4 card ma­jor or 5 card mi­nor. 3C and 3D were nat­u­ral and 4D was mi­nor­wood with West show­ing 2 aces and the QD. On the quiet lead of the 4D, de­clarer can see 4 trump tricks, 2 spades, 1 heart and 3 clubs.

Teams, Both vul, Dealer South

♣Thus, de­clarer needs to de­velop two tricks. The plan is to duck a heart and ruff the third round. Then, if clubs split 3- 3 there will be 12 tricks but there is an ex­tra wrin­kle. De­clarer can win the open­ing lead, play AH, duck a heart and win the re­turn with any card other than the KS. Now, de­clarer ruffs a heart and fin­ishes trumps. The po­si­tion shown is with South still to dis­card on the last trump.

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