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YOU won’t need a ther­mome­ter to take the comedic tem­per­a­ture of The Heat. While it might be an easy enough fi lm to warm to, thanks mainly to the op­po­sites- re­pel cast­ing of San­dra Bul­lock and Melissa McCarthy, don’t go sweat­ing on too many big laughs hap­pen­ing here. A lazy plot rips some well- thumbed pages from the good- cop- mad- cop play­book. Nat­u­rally, Bul­lock is the or­gan­ised, stuck- up, by- the- rules one. Which means McCarthy, echo­ing her pre­vi­ous star turns in Brides­maids and Iden­tity Thief, is the messy, street- smart, rene­gade. Their as­sign­ment is to bring down a Bos­ton drug baron. But that’s of sec­ondary im­por­tance when there are so many so- so set- pieces to get to. Aver­age.

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