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This hand oc­curred in the sec­ond round of the ANC In­ter­state Cham­pi­onship in Ade­laide. It of­fered a range of ways to pro­ceed over West’s 1H opener and per­haps you would like to con­sider how you and your part­ner would bid it. The per­sons sit­ting East could all see that they had a good hand and made bids which were go­ing to reach game and show mild slam in­ter­est. A com­mon re­sponse was 4C, show­ing good trump sup­port and a short­age in clubs. Opener prob­a­bly had some dif­fi­culty believ­ing this but cer­tainly had ex­tras and noth­ing wasted in clubs. West now has to show strong slam in­ter­est. A cue bid of 4D seems the most nat­u­ral for­ward move but East will prob­a­bly sign off in 4H since they have cer­tainly bid all their val­ues and have no con­ve­nient bid avail­able. Most ob­vi­ously, they can­not make a spade cue bid. None­the­less, West will usu­ally bid 6H.

Teams, Both vul, Dealer West

The prob­lem with auc­tions start­ing with the 4C splin­ter is that South will dou­ble and North should raise clubs. West should still bid the 6H slam de­spite be­ing de­nied the use of Black­wood.

At other ta­bles, East started with Ja­coby 2NT and West showed ex­tras and the club short­age. North’s clubs are not good enough to dou­ble so EW con­tin­ued, in peace, to the slam as shown. The board was then flat in 6H al­most every­where but the per­cep­tive amongst you will have no­ticed that it is not the cor­rect con­tract. The cor­rect spot is 7D but nei­ther of the auc­tions, so far, have any chance of reach­ing it. In­deed, they never men­tion the di­a­mond suit. There are two plau­si­ble, nat­u­ral auc­tions which might reach it. They start 1H- 2D- 4C where 4C is a splin­ter with di­a­mond sup­port with ex­tras and 1H- 3D where 3D is a fit jump show­ing heart sup­port, a good di­a­mond suit and at least in­vi­ta­tional val­ues. The other type of plau­si­bly suc­cess­ful auc­tion is a strong club with re­lays but this would let South in eas­ily with a club over­call which would be raised to the sky by North caus­ing a se­vere prob­lem for EW.

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