Wowsers for sch­nauzers

Bat­tery Point’s Helen Brock­le­hurst is the very happy owner of two sch­nauzers af­ter buy­ing Mil­lie two years ago to keep her nine- year- old pooch Ben­son com­pany. Th­ese days, Helen de­scribes Ben­son as an old soul who’s like a pro­tec­tive big brother to Milli

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Ben­son and Mil­lie aren’t the only sch­nauzers you’ve owned, what do you love most about the breed? Ben­son and Mil­lie are the third and fourth sch­nauzers I’ve had. There’s so much to love about them; they’re ex­tremely loyal and gen­tle. Great house dogs too, as they don’t shed yucky hair all over the house. You got Mil­lie two years ago to keep Ben­son com­pany, how did that go? Ben­son had al­ways grown up with an­other schnau­zer called Bon­nie and when Bon­nie passed you could tell he was fret­ting a lot. I hadn’t planned on get­ting an­other schnau­zer but as it hap­pened, Mil­lie came home with me one day and ini­tially I think Ben­son was put out a bit, ob­vi­ously be­cause as a puppy Mil­lie was re­ceiv­ing all the at­ten­tion and she’s defi nitely a diva. It didn’t take long though for Ben­son to take over the role as the big brother. How would you de­scribe their in­di­vid­ual per­son­al­i­ties? Ben­son re­ally should have been with a fam­ily with kids, he’s just so gen­tle and great with them. We’ve got grand­chil­dren and they’ll pull and push him this way and that and he loves it. As I said be­fore, Mil­lie is a diva and just wants all the at­ten­tion. She doesn’t mind pick­ing fi ghts with other peo­ple’s dogs ei­ther, re­gard­less of their size. She’s defi nitely the naughty one. How­ever, Ben­son’s past isn’t ex­actly squeaky clean, is it? When Ben­son was younger he was bad, real bad [ laughs]. Sev­eral years ago when we were do­ing ren­o­va­tions we had heaps of tradies in the house. Come lunch time all the peo­ple work­ing on the house went to go get their lunch, but Ben­son had stolen it all out of their bags and his bed was lit­tered with bread crusts, halfchewed muesli bars, even chewed packs of cig­a­rettes. An­other time I drove into town with Ben­son and whilst there had bought some cooked beet­roots from the CWA store. I came back to the car and there were peo­ple all stand­ing around it, when I looked in, it looked like a mur­der scene, there was beet­root every­where and Ben­son with a mouth com­pletely cov­ered in beet­root stains star­ing at me with an “I didn’t do it” look on his face. What’s great about hav­ing Ben­son and Mil­lie? They’re just great com­pany. I can be away for half a hour or go on an over­seas trip for a cou­ple months and the reaction I get from them when I come in the door is al­ways the same.

THREE’S COM­PANY: Helen Brock­le­hurst with Ben­son, right, and Mil­lie. Pic­ture: LUKE BOW­DEN

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