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The cue bid of an op­po­nent’s suit has two ma­jor uses in the mod­ern game. One is the cue raise and the other is ask­ing for help in the bid suit for a 3NT con­tract. It prom­ises one stop­per in the suit and asks part­ner for a sec­ond one such as Kx, Qx, Jxx. The sec­ond one is of­ten de­pen­dent on play­ing 3NT from the right side. In the hand shown, West showed a min­i­mum with club sup­port at his sec­ond turn. East then showed the di­a­mond suit and this new suit at the 3 level is game forc­ing as usual. The dan­ger of the heart suit to a 3NT con­tract is clear and West re­alised that a sec­ond heart stop was nec­es­sary. By cue bid­ding the op­po­nent’s suit, West showed one stop­per and asked East for a sec­ond stop­per. East bid 3NT since he had a sec­ond stop­per with the queen since the lead has to come from the hand which is pre­sumed to hold the KH. If East hap­pened to not hold a heart hon­our, they would bid 3S and hope to find a safe rest­ing place. The sec­ond heart stop­per gives de­clarer time to knock out the AC and win the sec­ond heart be­fore en­joy­ing the club suit. It is im­por­tant to see how the auc­tion would change if the heart hon­ours are placed dif­fer­ently. When the AQH are moved, pre­tend the AQD are moved to keep the val­ues in each hand the same. If the EW hearts are:

♥ AQ4 ♥ 53 West will sim­ply bid 3NT with the dou­ble stop rather than 3H. If the suit is:

♥ 534 ♥ AQ East will bid 3NT rather than 3D since West has shown a min­i­mum and there is no rea­son to look for a 6D con­tract. Lastly, if the hearts are:

♥ Q54 ♥ A3 East will look for 3NT by bid­ding 3H rather than 3D. It is not nec­es­sary that one of the stop­pers be the ace. In the hand in ques­tion, a heart hold­ing of:

♥ K54 ♥ Q3 would be suf­fi­cient to pro­vide two stop­pers if played by East.

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