Size mat­ters lit­tle for Lot­tie

Bat­tery Point’s Karen Pow­ell be­lieves West High­land Ter­ri­ers are widely un­der­es­ti­mated and usu­ally thrown in the cat­e­gory of ‘ girly’ dogs. How­ever, Karen’s 16- month- old Westie, Lot­tie, is a crime- fi ght­ing canine and shows she’s any­thing but a toy poo

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How would you de­scribe Lot­tie’s per­son­al­ity? She’s a real tom- boy, up for any­thing. We have a farm out at Rich­mond and she jumps up on the front with me when we go mo­tor­bike rid­ing.

David and James ( Karen’s two sons) go tuna- fi shing reg­u­larly and she loves go­ing out on the boat with them – she’s a real wa­ter dog. When they set an­chor close to shore she jumps off the boat and swims in.

Lot­tie is my per­sonal trainer as well, if I don’t take her for a run for at least one hour ev­ery morn­ing up at the Cas­cade Gar­dens she’ll sit in her bed and sulk.

Westies are very per­son­able dogs as well. If I’m plan­ning on tak­ing her down to the dog park close to where we live all I need to say to her is, “Want to go see your friends?” and in­stantly her ears prick up. Lot­tie’s as white as snow. She must get ex­tremely dirty? Be­ing such an ac­tive dog she does get a bit dirty from time to time but be­cause she loves wa­ter so much it’s never a prob­lem.

If we’ve been for a run to­gether and Lot­tie has got a bit muddy, I just wash the grime off with the shower hose in the bath­room. That said she usu­ally just jumps in the shower with me ... there’s no doubt she’s very spoilt. She’s had a very event­ful 16 months since you’ve had her. For sure. The boys took her up to the farm when she was younger and then drove home and for­got they had taken her up with them. They got about halfway back to Ho­bart be­fore they re­alised and rushed back, but Lot­tie was just sit­ting there pa­tiently with­out a care in the world.

Then on a re­ally warm night in sum­mer Lot­tie just kept per­sis­tently bark­ing all night and fi nally I suc­cumbed and got up to see if ev­ery­thing was all right.

We own a shed on the wa­ter­front di­rectly be­low our house and there was a car parked in front of it and peo­ple were try­ing to break into it.

Lot­tie had been able to hear them be­cause it was such a still night, so I called the po­lice and they caught the of­fend­ers. If it hadn’t been for Lot­tie the su­per sleuth then I never would have wo­ken up and we would have most likely been robbed. What do you love about hav­ing Lot­tie? Well,` apart from be­ing an ex­cel­lent guard dog, be­cause of her size I can take her every­where with me – and she in­sists on it. All the fam­ily just love her. I think hav­ing her is very ther­a­peu­tic.

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