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Brooke Seaton’s love for AFL pow­er­house Hawthorn runs so deep she even man­aged to co­erce her dog Dou­gal into fol­low­ing them, but hus­band and Mag­pies fan Damien won over their other dog, Abbey.

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Where did you get Abbey and Dou­gal from?

Damien [ Brooke’s hus­band] and I got Abbey from the dog’s home as a puppy when we were liv­ing in Coffs Har­bour.

Dou­gal is kind of a foster dog. We adopted him from a very good friend af­ter they moved closer to the city and didn’t have the space he needed. It was per­fect be­cause Abbey had just lost her best friend, which was our cat called Chick, and Dou­gal’s best friend, the pre­vi­ous owner’s other dog, had re­cently passed away as well.

So I guess it’s re­ally sweet they came to­gether when they both needed a new best friend.

How do they get along and how do they dif­fer in per­son­al­ity?

Abbey grew up on the beach in Coffs Har­bour so she just loves the beach. She’s so smart with words that we have to speak in code be­cause if we say the word “beach” she goes nuts.

When we take her to the beach, Damien can throw a rock in the wa­ter and she’ll bound in and dive down and grab it in her mouth, that’s how much she loves the beach.

Dou­gal is a real ec­cen­tric, he’s a bit dopey but on the flip side, you’ll think he doesn’t know what’s go­ing on and then he’ll just ran­domly sur­prise you and show how on the ball he is.

To­gether, they’re defi nitely the mar­ried cou­ple, they sleep next to each other and if one gets grumpy with the other, one of them will re­treat to the “dog­house” ( our lounge). Abbey is defi nitely the boss, like in any mar­riage, and Dou­gal is very pro­tec­tive of her.

Let’s talk about dress­ing them up when the footy is on.

Well, Damien sup­ports Colling­wood so there was no de­ci­sion when we got a black and white dog, but when we had our cat Chick, he was a ginger so he was a Hawthorn sup­porter. He was even a paid- up Hawthorn pet mem­ber.

So I’ll con­fess, when we got Dou­gal he had no choice, he was brain­washed and had the brown and gold scarf wrapped around him im­me­di­ately.

Both of them are defi nitely at­tune to how the Hawks are go­ing when I am watch­ing it on TV, if we’re los­ing, both of them sub­tlety slink out of the room.

If Abbey, Dou­gal and Buddy Franklin were in the ocean and you only had two life jack­ets who would miss out?

Oh it’d be hard ... but it’d have to be Buddy.

What about if it was Shane Craw­ford in­stead of Buddy Franklin?

Don’t make me an­swer that ques­tion.

What do you love about hav­ing Abbey and Dou­gal?

As I said be­fore, they’re best friends and they came to­gether at a time when they re­ally needed a new friend.

ODD COU­PLE: Brooke Seaton with her dogs Abbey ( left) and Dou­gal. Pic­ture: LUKE BOW­DEN

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