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YOU think it’s tough liv­ing your life in a boy- band? Then try liv­ing your life as a boy- brand. So goes the sole les­son to be learned from One Di­rec­tion: This is Us, a piffl ing con­cert doco about fi ve young men who have tem­po­rar­ily har­nessed the power to make mil­lions of young women scream.

Filmed dur­ing the fi nal phase of a pun­ish­ing global tour­ing sched­ule that only wrapped a few months ago, This is Us hosts a pre­dictably sani­tised cel­e­bra­tion of One Di­rec­tion’s ex­tra­or­di­nary suc­cess.

You want deep and mean­ing­ful in­sights into life at the eye of the One Di­rec­tion hur­ri­cane? Not gonna hap­pen. You want the lads gab­bing about how much

PERCY JACK­SON : SEA OF MON­STERS ( PG) they owe it all to their mums, their dads and their fans?

And would you mind if they took their shirts off ev­ery now and then?

How about a peek in­side the bed­rooms where they used to sleep as kids? Or a front- row seat for the boys’ zany back­stage an­tics? Per­haps some thank­ing of fans? Is gonna hap­pen. It would be un­fair to de­ride This is Us too much, as its only job is to preach to the pre- con­verted.

As there is no press­ing need to im­press here, the pac­ing of This is Us is leisurely at best, lazy at worst.


The live- on- stage se­quences hap­pen ev­ery fi ve or 10 min­utes, and are more about gen­er­at­ing gyrat­ing close- ups of each in­di­vid­ual mem­ber than show­cas­ing the mu­sic.

In fact, what be­comes ap­par­ent very quickly is One Di­rec­tion seem oddly dis­con­nected from their songs on both a creative and per­sonal level. Each num­ber is just an­other verse- cho­rus- verse job that must be done.

Pop mu­sic has al­ways been an as­sem­bly­line busi­ness, par­tic­u­larly in the fi eld One Di­rec­tion has con­quered. The trick is mak­ing it not look like the repet­i­tive, mun­dane work it ac­tu­ally is.

Af­ter such a long shift on the road and in the spot­light, One Di­rec­tion un­der­stand­ably come off as a touch tired and jaded in This is Us.

How­ever, there is a gen­uine ca­ma­raderie among the group that di­rec­tor Mor­gan Spur­lock is ready to cap­ture at ev­ery op­por­tu­nity.

There is defi nitely a shared bond that has al­lowed One Di­rec­tion to keep sight of where they’ve come from dur­ing their rise to fame.

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