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1 Who has been ap­pointed as Aus­tralia’s lat­est Em­ploy­ment Min­is­ter?

2 Who did Aus­tralia beat in this year’s Davis Cup?

3 The Eye of the Tiger is a song from which Rocky movie?

4 Which US golfer shot a 59 at the Play­ers Cham­pi­onship?

5 Nancy Cartwright is best known for voic­ing which TV char­ac­ter? 6 Who won this year’s US Open ten­nis cham­pi­onship?

7 What was the name of John Sta­mos’s char­ac­ter in Full House?

8 Who is the pres­i­dent of the Port Ade­laide Football Club?

9 How many main stars make up the South­ern Cross con­stel­la­tion? 10 Jack Dyer played for which VFL team in 1930s and 1940s?

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