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The hand op­po­site oc­curred re­cently and was not han­dled well by the field. Only four pairs bid 6S and 9 pairs played 4S or 5S. Since 7S is cold, th­ese would have been dis­ap­point­ing re­sults for all con­cerned. At one ta­ble, East passed since they weren’t play­ing any two suited open­ings. South made a clear cut open­ing show­ing spades. Pass­ing is def­i­nitely too pas­sive and there is too much in the side suits to open a weak 2 bid. North should re­spond show­ing the di­a­mond suit since it is likely to be a source of tricks in the play. This is much bet­ter than a splin­ter bid in clubs. If NS are play­ing a 2/ 1FG or 2/ 1 forc­ing to 2NT, South re­bids 2S show­ing a min­i­mum hand and in­tends to show the di­a­mond sup­port on the next round. How­ever, North leaps to 4C next which is a clear, al­though sur­pris­ing, splin­ter bid agree­ing spades ( since 3C would be nat­u­ral and FG). South needs to show slam in­ter­est now. Giv­ing North just the KS and KD sug­gests 5 spade, 1 heart and 4 di­a­mond tricks which is enough for game and North has more than just two kings. A cue bid of 4H, show­ing a con­trol in the suit, ex­presses slam in­ter­est ( with­out slam in­ter­est, just bid 4S). This is won­der­ful news to North who bids 5C, void­wood, ask­ing about key­cards out­side clubs. South shows one and then shows the QS. North has not been able to find out about the im­por­tant QD so stops in 6S. Could you bid 7S? If South had taken con­trol, they would miss find­ing ei­ther the club void or the KD. Sup­pose EW quickly raise the auc­tion to 5C? South is not likely to have wasted val­ues in clubs so North sees 16 and South has 11+ hcp. So NS are miss­ing, at most 3 points in the other 3 suits so must have at least three of the AKH, QS and QD. North can eas­ily bid 6S and 7S if they feel lucky.

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