Pugs make mis­chievous pals

It’s lucky psy­chol­ogy stu­dent Emma Richard­son’s two pugs are so cute, be­cause they of­ten cre­ate chaos

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AS I ar­rived at psy­chol­ogy stu­dent, Emma Richard­son’s house re­cently to take a photo of her in a green- waste bin for a news story for The Mer­cury, I was greeted by two pugs, Erica Fudge and Desi, both two years old. I was only wast­ing oxy­gen when I asked whether Emma would like to be in the BEST FRIENDS col­umn.

Where did you get Erica Fudge and Desi from?

I al­ways had my heart set on a pug and had al­ready picked out the name, “Eric Fudge”, but Mum and Dad de­cided to get me a fe­male pug pup so all I did was change her name to Erica. A cou­ple of months ago my part­ner and I de­cided to get Desi to keep Erica com­pany when we were at work. Desi was bred as a show dog but he wasn’t do­ing too well, the poor thing, so it was per­fect for us be­cause we wanted another pug but we didn’t want to raise a puppy.

How did Erica Fudge han­dle the in­tro­duc­tion or in­tru­sion of Desi’s ar­rival?

I think she was a bit put out at fi rst. Desi defi nitely made his pres­ence felt right away but they’re the best of friends th­ese days. Their daily rou­tine to­gether con­sists mainly of short bursts of manic fi ght­ing and then ly­ing down to rest and then re­peat­ing the process. Erica is the smarter out of the two but she’s also the naugh­ti­est, in al­most ev­ery in­stance she is the in­sti­ga­tor if they both be­have badly and talks Desi into com­ing along for the ride.

Such as?

Marty [ Emma’s part­ner] and I once took them down to Howrah Beach and gen­er­ally they’re so well be­haved there’s no prob­lem let­ting them off their lead. How­ever, I al­ways have a pock­et­ful of treats if I need to co­erce them back. I had for­got­ten the treats that day and Erica de­cided to not come back and was head­ing onto the high­way and Marty ran up to get her, and then Desi fol­lowed Marty and Erica. Luck­ily, Marty got them both and marched them back home.

What do you love about hav­ing Erica Fudge and Desi?

They’re more en­ter­tain­ing than tele­vi­sion and a lot cuter.

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