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MOST cats can clear up to fi ve times their own height from a stand­ing jump. But there’s light at the end of the tun­nel for pet- par­ents grap­pling with keep­ing their cats safely con­tained on their prop­erty.

With cats so adept at scal­ing reg­u­lar fences, a safe al­ter­na­tive to cat cages and net­ting is avail­able to coun­ter­act the fe­line pen­chant for jump­ing and climb­ing.

The Os­cil­lot Sys­tem, the fi rst and only of its type, puts a whole new spin on the phrase “get a grip”.

A se­ries of four- bladed pad­dles are mounted along fence lines be­tween end posts.

The end posts con­tain bear­ings which al­low the pad­dles to spin freely when touched.

As soon as a cat tries to scale a fence, their paws hit one of the pad­dles.

It then be­gins to spin so the cat can’t get trac­tion and drops back to the ground.

The sys­tem is in­stalled on top of ex­ist­ing fences and is fully por­ta­ble if you move house.

Sup­pli­ers rec­om­mend in­stal­la­tion on fences of a min­i­mum height of 1.8m to en­sure confi ning those dex­trous and ad­ven­tur­ous mog­gies.

Keep­ing pet cats safe from dog at­tacks, fe­line dis­eases and road ac­ci­dents are all part of the equa­tion for cat own­ers.

Con­tain­ment fenc­ing be­comes a worth­while in­vest­ment rather than a cost when you con­sider cats confi ned to their own prop­erty sta­tis­ti­cally out­live free roam­ing cats by up to eight years.

Cats al­lowed to roam don’t win the pop­u­lar­ity stakes ei­ther, es­pe­cially if they’re defe­cat­ing in neigh­bour­ing gar­dens, fi ght­ing with other cats or at­tack­ing wildlife.

Con­tain­ment fenc­ing also pre­vents other stray cats from get­ting in.

Along with de- sex­ing, hav­ing cats confi ned in your own yard helps re­duce the chances of un­wanted lit­ters.

When you con­sider the huge num­bers of un­wanted kit­tens handed over to shel­ters ev­ery sum­mer, be­ing part of the so­lu­tion to this prob­lem is sat­is­fy­ing for true cat lovers.

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