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RRP: $ 55 ( Re­viewed on PS Vita)

WHILE lin­ger­ing in sales lately, Sony’s PlayS­ta­tion Vita re­mains the most pow­er­ful hand­held games con­sole on the mar­ket.

Its core gam­ing fea­tures and sheer power make it the ideal plat­form for first­per­son shoot­ers, how­ever, the of­fer­ings to date have been lack­lus­tre. Un­til now.

Kil­l­zone Mer­ce­nary weighs in as the defi ni­tive por­ta­ble gam­ing shooter.

Tak­ing place be­tween the events in the fran­chise’s fi rst and sec­ond games, here you step into the boots of a mer­ce­nary gun- for- hire who ac­cepts con­tract work from both war­ring sides, the ISA and the Hel­ghast.

This the fi rst Kil­l­zone game that places you in a neu­tral po­si­tion, of­fer­ing the chance to fi ght for both sides of the on­go­ing confl ict.

The whole game re­volves around com­plet­ing con­tracts for a fee, and ev­ery mis­sion you suc­cess­fully com­plete earns you cash, which you can splash out on new weapons and equip­ment.

You’ll even­tu­ally amass a de­cent ar­moury of toys to play with and be­fore each mis­sion you can cus­tomise the load out to suit the up­com­ing con­tract.

The story even­tu­ally does dive deeper than repet­i­tive con­tract work, when a rou­tine mis­sions goes pear shaped, which I’ll leave for you to fi nd out the un­ex­pected out­come.

While the main cam­paign is short, the mis­sions of­fer plenty of re­play.

There are vary­ing diffi culty set­tings, and ad­justable con­di­tions. Each con­tract can be played de­ci­sion, covert, or de­mo­li­tion style, giv­ing you a specifi c list of re­quire­ments to be met.

Mul­ti­player is a big part of Mer­ce­nary, and for the most part it’s chal­leng­ing and en­ter­tain­ing.

The match- ups are four verses fours, and there are three modes to se­lect from, in­clud­ing free- for- all and team death- matches, plus the War­zone ob­jec­tive based mode.

This is one gor­geous look­ing Kil­l­zone game that also plays as well as its con­sole coun­ter­parts.

One thing that Mer­ce­nary can boast that many other shoot­ers can’t, is that you can play it any­where, any­time the mood takes you.

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