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FOL­LOW­ING a brush with the Aus­tralian Clas­sifi cation Board which re­sulted in a few toned- down tweaks to the game­play be­fore launch, mem­bers of the Saints gang are fi nally back.

This time they’re run­ning the United States of Amer­ica and if that isn’t out­landish enough, Earth is be­ing in­vaded by aliens and the whole she­bang is set in a Ma­trix- es­que par­al­lel universe.

Just when I thought the Saints Row se­ries couldn’t get any more twisted, along comes the fourth in­stal­ment, which takes its blend of open world ac­tion and adult hu­mour to a new level.

The sto­ry­line, while it’s com­pletely bonkers, is well writ­ten with bet­ter pacing and va­ri­ety than past scripts in the se­ries. There’s more to do, more to see and more sur­prises.

The core game­play re­mains largely un­changed from pre­vi­ous Saints games, though it’s not all fa­mil­iar stomp­ing ground.

Set­ting the world in a vir­tual re­al­ity gave the de­vel­op­ers an ex­cuse to go even more over the top.

The added con­text and the drip feed­ing of ex­tra pow­ers and weaponry though, gives it a solid sense of pace with a fo­cus on va­ri­ety.

Play­ing as the Saints’ boss, you have ac­cess to a range of new pow­ers.

Su­per sprint­ing, mega jump­ing, midair glid­ing, and telekine­sis mind con­trol are joined by quirky fi rearms such as the Infl ato- Ray, Thump­gun, Dub­step gun and some weapons too racy to men­tion.

Add to this a se­lec­tion of side mis­sions that take you out of the main city and into par­ody mini- games based on other fa­mous video games, and you’re pre­sented with a en­ter­tain­ing con­tent that feels con­sis­tently fresh.

Visu­ally, it’s a fa­mil­iar- look­ing Saints Row. Art di­rec­tion trumps raw pro­cess­ing power, and the char­ac­ter cus­tomi­sa­tion op­tions are as deep and rich in choices as al­ways, al­low­ing you to con­struct a boss fash­ioned af­ter any gen­der, race, build, and dress sense.

What Saints Row lacks in cut­tingedge vi­su­als it makes up for in con­tent over­load.

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