Not a run of the mill corgie

Kim Boyer, of Sandy Bay, had two very spe­cial cats in her life for 15 years, but when they passed on she didn’t think she could have another cat so she de­cided to buy Mil­lie, a three- year- old corgi cross bor­der col­lie.

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Where did you get Mil­lie?

We got her from a lady in Ouse. Mil­lie’s mum was a pure­bred corgi and one day the owner’s grand­chil­dren left the gate open and she es­caped and had a night out on the town with the work­ing boys.

So we don’t know whether she’s full bor­der col­lie on the other side or whether she has some blue heeler thrown in there as well.

All we know is, when we called up about the ad in the pa­per she was the only one of the lit­ter left.

Orig­i­nally, we weren’t go­ing to get a puppy and Fred [ Kim’s hus­band] won’t mind me say­ing he was quite re­luc­tant about get­ting a puppy, but within a cou­ple of min­utes of get­ting Mil­lie he was com­pletely sold.

She must be quite en­er­getic then?

Defi nitely. And that’s the main rea­son we got her, be­cause Fred is re­tired now and I’m pretty much fully re­tired so we wanted to get an ac­tive dog to give us plenty of ex­er­cise.

She’s a real out­doors dog, which is defi nitely the bor­der col­lie side com­ing through.

We’ve got a shack up at Or­ford, at Spring Beach, and she just loves run­ning around up there.

Was Mil­lie a bit of a trou­ble­maker when she was a puppy?

She was a pretty ex­pen­sive dog when she was younger.

She had a habit of steal­ing al­most any­thing and chew­ing it up, in­clud­ing a fun­nel web spi­der, which was quite se­ri­ous and made her very ill.

Aside from that, Fred and I were both pretty good cus­tomers at Kathmandu for a while, be­cause Mil­lie kept steal­ing our walk­ing san­dals and de­stroy­ing them.

What’s great about hav­ing Mil­lie?

She’s a great so­cial­is­ing tool. We’ve met lots of won­der­ful peo­ple through just walk­ing around with Mil­lie, I guess be­cause she’s a lit­tle un­usual look­ing, peo­ple are in­quis­i­tive as to what breed she is.

She’s very chic as well, Mil­lie par­tic­u­larly loves hang­ing out at Bay Cof­fee Roast­ers, in Sandy Bay.

We stop for cof­fee af­ter a walk and they’re very dog friendly there. Mil­lie knows she’ll al­ways get a treat from them there.

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