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MANY pet lovers will have fond mem­o­ries of the fam­ily pet be­ing stowed in the car along with mum, dad, the kids and all the para­pher­na­lia re­quired for a rau­cous sum­mer camp­ing hol­i­day.

Nowa­days, the se­ri­ous suc­cess of pet- friendly ac­com­mo­da­tion confi rms just how much we love to travel with our pets.

Wo­tif. com re­cently re­leased a sur­vey into pets’ trav­el­ling habits, sur­vey­ing 10,500 trav­ellers.

Al­most half had taken a pet with them on hol­i­days.

Dogs travel most, with 90 per cent en­joy­ing a hol­i­day along­side their hu­man fam­ily.

Cats ac­count for 5.5 per cent of trav­el­ling pets.

Most pet- friendly hol­i­day adventures be­gin in the car ( 96.9 per cent), with plane jour­neys ac­count­ing for only 2.5 per cent.

Dogs and cats aren’t the only an­i­mals be­ing treated to a hol­i­day.

Some pet own­ers take their bird, rab­bit, guinea pig and fi sh away.

The sur­vey found that top of the wish list for trav­ellers with pets is a fenced yard and friendly staff who treat pets the same as any other guest.

One in fi ve trav­ellers sur­veyed had smug­gled their pet into non- pet- friendly ac­com­mo­da­tion, with one ad­mit­ting to feel­ing guilty and sneak­ing out at 2am.

Al­most half the re­spon­dents said they go ev­ery­where with their pet and hol­i­days are no ex­cep­tion.

And when pets can’t come along for the ride, we like to know they’re in good hands while we’re away.

The sur­vey re­vealed 17.5 per cent of peo­ple called to chat to their pet, 27.2 per cent bought sou­venirs for their pet and 22.5 per cent car­ried around a pho­to­graph of their pet.

Some re­spon­dents who thought they left their pets in ca­pa­ble hands while away on hol­i­days came home to fi nd their pet had been re­placed.

One pet owner left a green budgie at her par­ent’s house and re­turned to fi nd a blue budgie – her mother swore it had changed colour, declar­ing it a com­mon phe­nom­ena for bud­gies.

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