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1 What is a fear of peanut but­ter called? 2 Which well known artist de­signed the Chupa Chup logo? 3 Which cap­i­tal city is clos­est to Mt Field Na­tional Park? 4 Jes­sica Sutta is best known as a mem­ber of which fe­male singing group? 5 What is the cap­i­tal of Ar­gentina? 6 True or false: in the Google logo, the ‘ e’ is red? 7 What does the pop­u­lar text/ chat acro­nym WEG stand for? 8 What word start­ing with D is used to de­scribe a male bee? 9 Who is the new pres­i­dent of the Rich­mond Foot­ball Club? 10 Who is the lead singer of the band Pearl Jam?

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