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Sa­man­tha seems to be a pop­u­lar name on this page of late. Hav­ing in­ter­viewed a dog owner named Sa­man­tha just two weeks ago, this week I met beauty ther­a­pist Louise Cowley, whose fi ve- year- old ger­man shep­herd- cross- husky is also named Sa­man­tha – even if that wasn’t what Louise orig­i­nally called her.

How did you and Sa­man­tha cross paths?

I was just look­ing for a puppy and saw her in the pa­per for sale down at Prim­rose Sands. She was the only girl in the lit­ter and ini­tially I named her Sandy be­cause she came from Prim­rose Sands, but ev­ery­one – in­clud­ing my­self – kept call­ing her Sammy so she be­came Sa­man­tha.

Sa­man­tha is a ger­man shep­herd­cross- husky, what traits of the two breeds does she have?

She’s very naughty, but where she gets that I don’t know. Sammy is very loyal and pro­tec­tive, so in that sense she dis­plays ten­den­cies at­trib­uted to ger­man shep­herds.

I also have a three- year- old cat named Tiger that I res­cued from a tree when he was a kit­ten and Sa­man­tha used to snug­gle up to Tiger. This was be­fore I got her de­sexed – I think the two of them may have been in love.

Sammy is very smart, so I guess that’s the husky com­ing out in her. Sur­pris­ingly, she is quite timid; she’s even scared of the waves when we go to the beach.

Tell me an in­ter­est­ing story about Sa­man­tha…

She’s pretty awe­some. A few years ago she saved our lives.

I was liv­ing in a share house with my part­ner at the time and a fi re started in­side dur­ing the night when we were asleep.

Sam rushed to our bed­room and started bark­ing to wake us up. By the time we woke the fi re had en­gulfed so much of the house that my part­ner, Sa­man­tha and I had to es­cape through the bed­room win­dow.

What’s great about hav­ing Sa­man­tha?

She’s good value and very in­tu­itive. Sa­man­tha’s great at pick­ing up on your mood and if you’re a bit down she’s per­cep­tive enough to know and puts a smile on your face.

Pic­ture: LUKE BOW­DEN

IN GOOD HANDS: Louise Cowley with her dog Sa­man­tha.

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