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( re­viewed on An­droid phone)

THERE’S no deny­ing ca­sual gam­ing on touch­screen de­vices such as mo­bile phones and tablets is pop­u­lar, thanks in no small part to the vast smor­gas­bord of cheap and cheer­ful games you can down­load and play wher­ever and when­ever you have a few spare min­utes. Call me old- fash­ioned, but one stick­ing point of these de­vices has al­ways been the lack of tac­tile con­trols and but­tons of­fered by tra­di­tional video games.

Not only do they feel bet­ter, but they are of­ten more ac­cu­rate while gam­ing.

When the MOGA Pocket Con­troller fi nally be­came avail­able lo­cally last month, I was cu­ri­ous to see what im­pact it had on my touch­screen gam­ing.

As the name sug­gests, the MOGA Pocket Con­troller is a com­pact gam­ing con­troller, fea­tur­ing most of the key fea­tures found on tra­di­tional home con­sole con­trollers.

It of­fers dual ana­logue sticks, left and right shoul­der trig­gers, and four ac­tion but­tons.

This con­troller is de­signed to con­nect to any An­droid phone or tablet wire­lessly us­ing Blue­tooth, so there are no ugly ca­bles.

Unique to the MOGA con­troller is an ad­justable arm, that is de­signed to se­curely hold mo­bile phones hor­i­zon­tally in the ideal po­si­tion for gam­ing.

The third and cru­cial piece of this sys­tem is the free MOGA Piv­otal app, which must be in­stalled on the An­droid de­vice to ac­cess the col­lec­tion of com­pat­i­ble games.

These are es­sen­tially touch­screen An­droid games that have been mod­ifi ed to utilise the MOGA’s phys­i­cal con­trols.

While the list of free and pre­mium games is small in com­par­i­son to the long list of games for An­droid, the 125- plus games avail­able in­clude some big hit­ters such as Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, Sonic and Pac Man plus many other con­verted ti­tles across all gam­ing gen­res.

While it is light and com­pact, the MOGA Pocket Con­troller is yet some­thing else that re­quires recharg­ing.

Ad­mit­tedly though, gam­ing on my phone has never been more en­joy­able.

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